Mozilla Tamilnadu Community Meetup 2017 | #MozillaTN17 |My Experience|

Im Going to Convey MyExperience in Mozilla Tamilnadu Community Meetup 2017, Before that here is the Quotes of Aaron Swartz, Which Always Inspire me to make mylife perfect or when you follow these lines you will understand the Clarity of your Life.


“படம் பார்த்து கதை சொல்” என்பார்கள் அதை போல என்னுடைய இந்த வலைபதிவில் சில படங்களும், வார்த்தைகளும் அடங்கும்.

Building and Maintaining a Healthy Community is More Difficult. Becoz we want to Enable the people, Open Communications, Trust is Everything, Belonging is more important, The value of Listening, Avoid ego or Others will avoid you. So this Kind of Issues will Arise.

An Example of an Open and Healthy Community is Mozilla Tamilnadu Community, ya we have many Active Contributors, Responsible Reps & Mentors and we have many Success Stories too. In that #MozillaTN17 is the Most Awaited one, which I never seen before.

Mozilla Tamilnadu Releases their First Promo Video of #MozillaTN17 Meetup

While I watched this video for the First Time, Goosebumps Guaranteed ! This video is Made by our Contributor called Karthikeyan Sethumadhavan. Kudos to him.

After that, MozillaTN Announcement Came in FB,


We all Got a New Avatar to Support for Our MozillaTN Meetup,                                                Thanks to Prasanth Rethinam & Nirmal GL.


After a day


First of All thanks to DVigneshwer bro (Cool Mozillian, Reps, Organiser for this Meetup), Makes all the Logistics arrangements for all Attendees before a Weekitself.

Finally the day is going to be come, taken the Bus From Villupuram.


Ya the above one is True, I have Never Travelled in any Luxury buses, for the firsttime im travelling in this. so only It give me More Adventures for me. On the other side, Happiness & excitement to meet MyFollow Mozillians after a year.


Reached Coimbatore after 6hours of Travel from Villupuram


Then We Refreshed and taken a Great Breakfast & Start Travelling to the KGISL Campus where the Event is going to Taken Place.


A Warm Welcome By #MozillaTN17 Team

A Sparkful Speech By Ashly. She Delivers the Agenda of Meetup, Welcome Note, Addressing the Chief Guest Dr.Ashok MD of KGISL Groups. And the New Logo of Mozilla Tn is Launched By Gauthamraj Elango (Reps Mentor), DVignesher(Reps), Karthikeyan (RAL) and Rohit Raj (LogoDesigner & Contributor)

Code of Conduct By DVigneshwer A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the social norms and rules and responsibilities of the Community, or proper practices for, an individual. Related concepts include ethical, honor, moral codes and religious laws.


Mozilla TN Year in Review 2016 By Karthickeyan. He Delivers what are the Activities & Events that are done in the past year by our Mozilla TN Community.


Community Issues discussion by Syed Khaleel  & Mohammed Ammar. They delivered what are Issues Arises During a Community Work, And Ask the attendees to Post their thoughts in an Chart Paper. 



Atlast the Thoughts of Each and Every Attendees is Randomly Picked and Collected among the Common Issues.

Gauthamraj Elango who is an Inspiring Mozillian for Many, He Delivers what are the Common Issues of the Community, And How that can be Solved by A Community that are explained by him.


Social Media Updates By SelvaMakilan. He Delivers the Initiatives taken in 2016, Short Growth comparison, What mediums we are using,  How and when to approach social media.


After that We Had a Yummy LunchBreak with Fellow Mozillians


Ya Man, it was an  Delicious Lunch ever finishing with this Cool Icecream Selfie.

Ok IceCream Over Aagituchu, then What Man???????????

Ice breaking session by Karthic and DVigneshwer

We Are Separted into Teams, Given Some Topics Like

  • Privacy and Security
  • Open Innovation
  • Decentralization
  • Web Literacy
  • Digital Inclusion

The Above Topics are Covered by Us in An Chart. This can be discussed by eachgroup Members and Collectively Made a Art or Quotes in an Chartpaper.

In the Mean Time, Mr. Arun kumar(L10N Lead), he joined us from Malaysia via Google Hangouts and told us the importance of l10n for Firefox browser and also helped to make the roadmap for l10n.


After that, Subhashish joined us via a hangout call during the event and gave a very important presentation about Mozilla and Campus clubs


Then We Had A TeaBreak, Thanks You for the Tasty and yummy MuttaMittai @Syedkhaleel Anna

Then We had a Short and Simple  Innovative Speech of CommunityVision and Rust by DVigneshwer, Addons by ViswaPrasanth, Localisation by Khaleel, WebCompact and QA By Prasanth Rethinam, WebVR By Karthickeyan.

Then in the End of the day1 we are separted into the their own Tracks. We the L10N Team Taken Some Selfies and with Fellow Mozillians too.


Ok bhaiya, night came Mujhe bhukha lagi hai” Puriyalaiya Im hungrynu Sonen Hindila!

We all gone to a Good and Excellent Cuisine Restaurant to had a Spicy Dishes for Dinner

Day 1 Completed with all Fun Activities and Spicy Foods.

Day 2 Started with MyNew Friend Vishal


Thanks for the Cool New Tshirt @facttree and Thanks to the MozillaTN Community


Syed Khaleel and Mohammed Ammar who are the Track Leads of our L10N Team, Explains about Why we Need Localization, Why we need Translation, what are the Main objectives and Goals of Localization, what are the Resources like Tools, Documentation, Wikis and Locale Codes etc. How we can Contribute in Pootle or and How we can Contribute in SUMO(Support Mozilla) are Discussed in our L10Team.

Then We Started Our Hands on Session of  “l10n – Localization” team at #MozillaTN17 meetup


After that, Mr. Arun kumar(L10N Lead), he joined us from Malaysia via Google Hangouts. He Delivers his own Experience and also he describes the plans and goals of L10N Team, like below:

  • We want to Engage the Tamil people with Technology
  • First thing is to convert the PC or Mobile browser in Tamillanguage
  • He Tells sadly that, we are working in L10n but the Users that are occupied only 300 peoples are only using our contents in tamillanguage.
  • Tamilnadunu Sollitu Irukom but ingayaarume Tamila Technologya Use Pannala
  • Tamilnadula Lasta Avanga Aagrathiya 2008la than Lastupdate pannanga apram illa.
  • So Guys we want to make Monthly  Once hangout with our L10 Team members.
  • we want to make awareness among all villages or city Schools and Colleges regarding Localization like Making Banners or anything else.
  • Eppo ellarum Technologya avanga native languagela Use panranglo apo thaan namaku vetri.

Had a Great Conversation with Arun Kumar Anna.

We Had a Tea Break with Knowledge Base Books which are bought by Khaleel Anna



Later We L10N Team Discuss Our Goals And Track plans to all Mozillians, What we are going to achieve in 2017 in our part.


Then after all track members completed.

Viswa Prasanth Anna Share his own Personal Experience from the Day1 of Mozilla Tamilnadu Born, What are the Issues He faced, what he lost, Why we are Here, How this Meetup is Begin. And I loved this words from him, ” Ellarukume Inga Tags Differenta irukum like Reps, RAL or Mentor or anything, But ivalavu Tags vachirunthu Work pannalana avlavuthaan, Naangalum ungala mathiri Volunteers thaan we are enjoy to contribute. ellarukume Problems and Pressure in Professional Lifela irukum but Unga Interest and Involvementla ellame try panni contribute panni paarunga you dont say any reasons” Thanks for the wonderful Speech Viswa Anna, It gives me More inspiration and also I Realizes how I wasted mytime in saying Reasons and notdoing anyworks.


After the Awesome Speech, We had  Surprise Gifts for the Special Mozillains without them, the Wonderful Meetup Cannot be happened. Hatsoff to their Mass Efforts. Thanks Khaleel Bro for the Great Idea. But also we given Surprise for him too. 

After the Worthy Gifts are given to Special Mozillians. We are Started making Memories like taking photos etc.

Womoz of MozillaTN Community 2017 Meetup 


Then we all Taken GroupPhoto with More Happiness


Im verymuch Thankful to all Reps, Mentors, Fellow Mozillians. Thanks For your Love. #MozLove


And Atlast Im with some emotional tears, I made a Tribute video to all MyDear Friends, becoz your the real heros of this Biggest Event in tamilnadu ever happened before.ithu ungaloda vetri nanbargale, intha happinessa neenga markkakudathunu thaan I made a Video for all. Once again thanks to all mydr mozillians. thankyou.


எதாச்சு பண்ணனும், ஆனா என்ன பண்ணலாம் ?

Hi MyDear folks, after 6months ago im going to write a blogpost. I think I wasted those 6months without doing any contributions. okay. Past is Past, but future is more important than past. ” The Future Started Yesterday and We’re already Late”. so whats next, whats upto you, how the life standard in 2017 all this are question marks?

வாழ்க்கையின் முன்னேற்றங்களை நோக்கி பயணம் செய்ய வேண்டும், உத்தேசித்த உயரத்தை தொட்டுவிட்டால், வாழ்க்கை எளிதாக போய்விடும்.!!


#MozillaTN17, இது எனக்கு வாழ்க்கைல இரண்டாவது வாய்ப்பு. I learnt Most of the things from Mozilla like Public Speaking, Volunterism, Community development etc. I got more friends from mozilla, from all Cities and Countries around the globe. Im Verymuch happy to be a Part of Mozilla Tamilnadu Community. So this Meetup would be my வாழ்கையின் இன்னொரு காட்டாற்று பயணம், முன்னேற்றங்களை எதிர்நோக்கி, இது முடிந்திட விடுவேனோ!

My Plan towards Mozilla for the Next 6months in the following Contribution Pathways are:

  • Localization (L10n)
  • WebCompact and QA
  • Womoz



தொழில்நுட்பத்தில் என்னதான் நிறைய பரிணாம வளர்ச்சிகள் வந்தாலும் (டிஜிட்டல்இந்திய திட்டம் , ஜியோ இலவச இணையதல சேவை), இதைபோல நிறைய திட்டங்கள், சலுகைகள் வந்து போய்கொண்டு தான் உள்ளது.  இதனால் படித்தவர்கள், இணையம் உபயோகிக்கும் பயனர்களுக்கு போய் சேர்ந்தால் போதுமா இதுவா உங்கள் திட்டம்? . இந்தியாவில் உள்ள வீதிகளில் உள்ள ஒவ்வொரு சாமானியனுக்கும் போய் சேர வேண்டும், அதுவும்  அவர்களுக்கு தெரிந்த, பழக்கபட்ட மொழியில் போய் சேரவேண்டும் அது தான் ஒரு நல்ல திட்டதுற்கான எடுத்துகாட்டாகவும் திகழும். சில தமிழ் படங்களில் கூட நாம் கேள்விபட்ட வசனங்களில் இதுவும் ஒன்று ” அப்போ தமிழ்நாடுல தமிழ்ல பேசன தப்பு” இப்படிதான் நம் சமூகமும் பேசிக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறது.

So if you are a Begineer in Mozilla, this is the firststep to contribute towards Localization part. Here we are Using Pontoon Tool, where we can Localise the Web in Mozilla. And we can also use  Someother tools also and you can learn more about Localization in L10Wikipage . And you can Localize the Mozilla Support Articles (SUMO) in your native languages too. We can also localize the Webapps & Some Other Applications using Transifex.

Webcompact and QA


The Main aim for the both is Bug reporting for the Internet. As I know Webcompact is used for report  a bug for a Website or for a Browser. We can report and Diagnose a Bug.

Coming to Mozilla Quality Assurance , We Use some TestCases, Bugzilla and MoztrapTool for testing purposes.And it has Some Different QMO Teams Too like Firefox QE,Firefox Test Engineering, Web and QA Services, Cloud Services QA, Firefox OS.

First thing If You are a begineer in QA, Want to contribute in it, Please Know about some Schedules and learn what are the Firefox channels  to be tested. (BasicIdea)


The Schedules for testing be Firefox (Nightly, Aurora, Beta) can be Happening in  all Fridays,  Bug Triage Day on all Mondays, Bug verification Day on all Wednesdays. You can Also track the events.  For a Begineer, you can participate in those events simply you can follow the instructions, and test the testcases. For a Active Contributor, you must be test the testcases as well as participate in Bug Triage Day and Bug Verification Day.



What is the role of Men in Women Empowerment?

We do NOT live in a “male dominating” society, we live in a “jejune thinking” one.

Since ages, gender work has considered men as “the authorities” whose permission is sought after in order to help women learn new skills, as “the partner” whose support is wanted in order for ladies to thrive, and “the oppressor” whose abuses and privileges must be ended in order for women to be free. Each of these approaches however reduces men, their relationships to women, and the institutional forces that shape them on a societal scale, to a thin slice of a more complex reality.

We have to understand that men are our allies, not some evil who are dominating us. They are not the competitors here, they are the ones who will work equally. Women empowerment doesn’t mean men stepping down the power positions. It means women playing an equally important role with men in today’s world.

A woman passes on values and morals from one generation to next, impacting the development of our society, making society obliged to empower women and invest for their betterment. Since, in our own created universe, men are the center of it, their co-operation and involvement is a must. To make this possible, men needs to be encouraged, educated and exposed about the need to empower women from a very young age.

So, all this concludes the need for the involvement of men in the process. Also, we need all the possible resources available in order to achieve women empowerment or given the scenario gender equality. Maximum available resources are looked after by men, thus, giving another reason for their involvement. We cannot deny the help we need and to get that help we need to be more sensible and influential,as men are the one who can provide us with the immense exposure and help. On the other hand, having men on board in this whole idea will help in getting and influencing more men to work towards the growth of women. A man will get more convinced and understand the importance of it from another man than from a woman. To a level at which a man can make another man understand a woman cannot. I can say that all men want an equal and a better living place for their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and would want them to grow and empower in any way possible.


Over to my மனசாட்சி,

மனசாட்சி : Ji Ungala avanga Plan than ketanga, neenga enna storya solrenga ?

Me: Ama pa, First avangaluku ithala ennanu cleara puriyanumla so sonen.

மனசாட்சி: Apo Plans ethum illaya ?

Me: Yaaru Sonna! Plans iruku.

The Plans for the next 6months too be:

  • Individual contributions to be Active in those 3paths (L10N, QA,  WoMoz)
  • In L10N, I will get involved to  Translate and Localize the words or statements in Pontoon tool, Translating some articles in SUMO, And also Contribute in Transifex.
  • And I can also run Localization Sprint for the new Contributors too.
  • In QA, Actively participate in Testdays, BugTraigeday and Bug Verification Day in online with NewContributors. In India, we are lacking in QA, So we Must to some plenty of Contributions like an event like Bug Bountry Day Specially for all.
  • In WoMoz, we have many Solutions for that, we are the mens so we must involved to teach the contributions like L10N, Design, Support, Bugs, Marketing, Codes, QA, Documentation & Blogging in both online or offline. And We can also Invite our follow Active Womoz Contributors for them to teach, so they can inspire from them.
  • And also Making some Video Tutorials for the begineers, so they can understand clearly.

உங்களின் பங்களிப்பு உங்களுடைய வளர்ச்சிக்கும், சமூகத்துக்கும் பயனுள்ளதாய் அமையும்.

Over to my மனசாட்சி,

மனசாட்சி: Enna Ji ellathaiyum ingaye posta sollitenga?

Me: Ithusumma Trailer thanma Main Picturea Coimbatorela vanthu Paaru!

மனசாட்சி: Okay! Super Ji Super Ji !



Certified Information Security Expert

I Cleared in CISE(Certified Information Security Expert) Examination.
Now Im an CEH(Certified Ethical hacker) 


What I Learned in this Course is Given below:

Chapter 1 – Introduction Chapter 2 – Networking Chapter 3 – Footprinting /Reconnaissance Chapter 4 – Google Hacking Chapter 5 – Scanning Chapter 6 – System Hacking : Win7 & Linux Chapter 7 – Android & iPhone Hacking Chapter 8 – Malwares Chapter 9 – SQL Injection Chapter 10 – Cross Site Scripting Chapter 11 – Sniffing&Snifferes Chapter 12 – Social Engineering Chapter 13 – Identity Theft Fraud Chapter 14 – Denial of Service Chapter 15 – Session Hijacking Chapter 16 – Penetration Testing Chapter 17 – Exploit Writing & Buffer Overflow Chapter 18 – Cryptography & Steganography Chapter 19 – Firewall & Honeypot Chapter 20 – IDS & IPS Chapter 21 – Hacking Web Server Chapter 22 – Wireless Hacking Chapter 23 – Physical Security Chapter 24 – Reverse Engineering Chapter 25 – E-Mail Hacking Chapter 26 – Security Compliance & Auditing Chapter 27 – Incident Handling & Computer Forensics 

My Career begins with Solartis

Hi This is Mohammed Adam, after a Longtime I gonna Continuing my Blog, with second part of myLife, “Second Partnu Solratha vida ippo than Ennoda Lifea Start panniruken as a Computer Science Engineer. In 4years of Engineering I Learnt So many things like Public Speaking, Technical oriented skills, Community Building, Activist(FSFTN), Organizer, FSA, Mozillian, Content Writer, QA Contributor, President(MEC FIrefox Club),  Student Ambassador(Mozilla), Campus Ambassador(Pennyful)… Its goes on….  Though I Completed my college Life

கல்லூரி காலம்


Oru Best Engineer for College, Best Student for Stuffs, Oru thangamagan for Parents ippadi than na irunthein. College Campusla nariya companies vanthanga but enaku entha companyum pudikala, becoz na Selfa poi enaku pudicha companyla na select aganumnu aasai paten. But ennala evalavu mudiyumo antha alavuku Search panen, but oru 3daysla na sonthu poiten, ellathukum Failure than karanam, ennoda lifela evalavo Fail agiruken ithalaam summa sample thana, So I Proceed my process by reading some Motivation Quotes, Charlie Chaplin videos, Thala Ajith kumar Interviews, Reading Some books  like that. Becoz Whenever I feel Fails I will Listen to these kind of things.



Lifela Friends illama, Yarume illama, Parents Support matum than ennoda lifela irunthanga. Becoz Collge finish agituchuna, Friends will fly in their own wings.


 100% I will Agree with the Above Quotes. It Will Teaches the BEST LESSONS OF LIFE.

After that I Learnt How To See the World, Many Scientist Earth Rounda iruku or It looks like Flatnu Sonnaga, but My concept on Earth is “Individual Way of Looking” . So 180 degreela than ella manitharkalum paapanga , athu 360degreela patha differenta irukum like virtualreality mathiri Covering full views of Particular Location. Samugathula namba Paarvai apadi theliva  irukanumna We must Read some books.


So Its Your Choice “How to Look at the World”.

With these kinds of Internal Motivational Thougts Im Searching for a Job. Oneday I seen a Post for a Job like Vacancy for Operation Associates in Solartis in DLF IT PARK, Ramapuram,Chennai. Its like Walkins in Solartis. but in the Same day Im having a Written Test in ZOHO Corporation at 4pm.  Okay I just think it out so I decided to Attend the Interview on May8 Morning. I reached the DLF IT PARK


First Time, It feels for all engineers work panna ithu mathiri IT Parkla work pannanum, like that I had a Spark in my mind. There is Around 350 Students arrived for that interview. I just Shocked ivalavu crowda apo job kidacha mathiri than. I just Entered into Solartis Company, I just Loved the  Infrasturcture, flooring, peoples etc. So Interview having set of 3 rounds, I just completed all the three rounds in nice manner. HR Sir Said we will update the Status in Monday.

On Monday Evening, I got  a Call from Solartis HR, ” Can I Speak to Mohammed Adam” like that, Ya Sir this is Mohammed Adam sir. “Congratulation Adam Your are being Selected as Operation Associates in Solartis”. Im verymuch excited and  happy with my Family. “You will join the Company on May11,2016.” I buyed sweets to my family. With lots of Tears and Happiness I said Bye pa na Jobku poituvaren pa, cu soon pa nu Chennaiku vanthien on may10 itself.

“Velanu Vanthuta Na VellaKaran Mathiri da”


On May11, 2016 , all students have some fear what can I do in company as a Fresher. becoz Collegelanthu ippo than Companyke vanthurukom, so Different Environment, Different peoples will Teaches something.

On that Time  Mr.KG(Krishna Ganesh)  Sir entered to our class where we (37) peoples are sitting and talking. KG sir is one of the Best Employee and Trainer of Solartis Company. Ellarume Students and Freshersa Irukaruthu nala first eduthone Work process thantha nalla than irukum but aarvakolarula corparte ethics or companyla, process, pathi fulla  theriyama Joba Start panna kudathu  athu nalla irukathu.

As a  Trainer KG Sir  teaches  about NEOS (New Employee Orientation School), its like training for the students or Freshers, It Covers some Activities, Learning, etc.

KG Sir Explains about Some Factors(Its like Short Sumup of the 3days traning session) which are Listed below :

On Learning 1) Dont Ask Y, 2) learn the Basics or get back to basics.

Objectives of Neos

-To Know about organization, Develop SkillSet, Recognition and Reward, Understand Process, Learn platform/Domain.

What do we Cover??

-About Solartis, Corporate Ethics and Behavioural Skills, People Skills and SoftSkills, HR and Admin process, Platform and Technical training.

About Solartis Company

Screenshot from 2016-05-16 13:25:08

-Founded in 2004, US Company with its Operation in Southern India, 500+Employees, Branches in Madurai and Chennai

Founders of Solartis

Screenshot from 2016-05-16 13:26:47

Nick Richardson – President and CEO

Siby  Nidhiry – Chief Technology Officer

Srinivasan Alagarsamy – Chief Operationg Officer.

Our Mission

To Help Organization and people achieve their Potential

KG Sir Covers Business models of the Company (Business Model -> Insurance). It will have Life, health, Property and Causality (P&C).

What to do we do ?

-Insure, Risk and policy Management , Policy  Administration like Renewals, Claims.

Underwriter -> Decides the clients to give Insure by ages.

Our Clients Refer Us Clients

Screenshot from 2016-05-16 13:25:29

KG Sir Explains Briefly about Organization Structure like it has Automation or Engineering and Operations or KPO(Knowledge Process Outsourcing). It will Covers General Managers, Senior Managers, TeamLead, ProcessLead, Associate, Junior Associate.  

Career Progression

In Solartis, They having a Exam Called IJP (Internal Job Posting), as a Operation Associates everyone can write the exam after 9months.  OpAssociates can be Promoted to Team Lead, Process Lead or Senior Process Lead and Quality Analyst.

Recognition and Rewards – Ops Business Unit

For Individual Category – Best Performer, Best Miler, Best Rookie, Best ProcessLead, Best Senior Lead.

For Team – Best Process Awards, Long Service Awards.

KG Sir teaches  a Concept called WELCOME to Corporate World, He tells about Why are you here, explains about choice vs Chance, Job vs career, Dream, Goal vs Desire and also about what motivates you in life according to Personal and Professional Life. 

He Introduces a Keyword called HIPEN 

HI- high Intensity, P-Passionate, E-Enthusiastic, N-Needy.

He Tells about first you guys DECIDE -> Plan -> Act in you job and also in you life.,

Smart Techniques

Decision or Goal of Every Students can be like SMART

S-Smart, M-Measurable, A-Achieveable, R-Realistic, T-Timely.


-Take Smaller Steps Everyday , Do not got disheartned if you distract, Regain focus, Visualize the positive customers, Get an Expert Opinion.

KG Sir Explained us about Key Drivers of Work

KASH – K- Knowledge, A- Attitude, S-Skill, H-Habit 

HR Process

In HR Process, Mr.Padmanathan (HR) of Solartis , Explained us about Technology used by the company like Java, Cloudbased Technology, Lines of Services, Software as Service etc.

Employee LifeCycle – Probation Period(6mnths), notice Period(1mnth/2mnth)

-It Covers Induction, Core Training, Process Training, On the Job Training, Assessment, Live.

Admin Process

In Admin Process, Mr. Captain Explained us about Administration strategy, firesafety management, Maintenance of Company, Access process etc.


Again KG Sir, Tookup the Charge to explained about how you can work with your fellow collegaes.

Like –Know Your Style (Do not Immediate Others) , Do your Job( Do not steal others Credit),Updated with Current Affairs, Improve Vocabulary, fitness is attitude, Hygiene attitude, be your own boss, Have Faith on yourself.

Six Powerful Techniques to be Confident 

  • Deep Breathe
  • Face your fear head-on
  • Act as if
  • Laugh at yourself
  • Challenge yourself Physically
  • stop thinking, about doing it, Just do it.


Some of the Tips given by KG Sir are:

-Think Postive, Seek and Build Resources, Dont be Overwhelmed, Look for available Options.

KGSir made as Laugh, made as Discover, made as to do some fun Activities,


The Above Group Photos are Taken while Doing Activites,  It will covers our Achievements, Strength, Character, Speciality of Individuals etc.

Atlast we had taken some Groupiess with KG Sir

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So We Are the Upcoming Stars of Solartis, ya its True, Im verymuch Thankful to Mr.KG Sir, who had taken many steps to Motivate us, Inspired us, Encourage us and Discover us. And Thanks to Mr. Padmanath sir, Thanks to Mr.Captain Sir, And also Im verymuch Thankful to the Solartis Company, who hired me as their Employee. 

I have Got More new Friends, like Suresh, Rajesh, Naveen, Muthukumar, Ashok and many more newbies.

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It just Starting Stage of MyLife,


MozDay at Maker Summit, Shaastra 2016 [IIT Madras]

As part of Shaastra 2016, we’re setting up a Mozilla Booth at IIT Madras. There will also be a talk as a part of their Maker Summit on the lines of: -Free and Open Source Software -Mozilla & various Contribution pathways -Talk on User Online privacy -Demo with Lightbeam addon on Firefox browser -FSA program -Mozilla Clubs -Web literacy and Webmaker App Other content yet to be decided upon!

Abhiram is a Presence Organizer for the Maker Summit in Shaastra-2016. But He is Unavaiable in India because he Gone to Singapore Leadership Summit-2016. so There is in Need of volunteers and Organizers.
So Vigneshwar(REP) and Karthic(RAL) Planned, and We also Discussed more. So I have taken the Banner and MozillaCloth with MyBrother Asar.  And We both Reach IITMADRAS at 10Am Sharply
Then I Reached the Shaastra-2016 Place inside IIT Madras, We I Meet Karthikeyan, Ravi, Dinesh from Trupathi, Vigneshwar from Bangalore.
MozStall from 9-2PM and wth lots and lots of visitors. We had school kids, college students, Working proffessionals, Homemakers who were eager to know more about us.
We also had a Closed Talk Session between 3-5PM with around 50 participants shared a lot about Mozilla’s, its mission, privacy,FOSS & webmaker,firefoxos.
Around 100 – 150 visits .. 7 volunteers .. 20+ fsa recuirted and community leads .. 25 + webmaker downloads .. Used the template of Brain in the mozilla wiki .
Atlast We taken an Awesome Selfies
Byee to IITMADRAS, Meetagain Another Day, Bye to my Dear Mozillians, Thanks Abhiram, Karthic and Vigneshwar for Inviting Me. Thanks.

Mozilla Localization Sprint at Dr.Pauls Engineering College,Pondy

On a Week of a Day, Khaleel(REP) bro called me, and said He gonna Make a Mozilla L10n(Localization) Sprint Workshop in pondy at “Dr.Pauls Engineering College”. And He Gave me an Opportunity to Talk about FOSS in that Workshop. So We Discussed lot and He Invited Abhiram(RAL) from Bangalore. He is One of the Most Awesome Contributor in India. So Im Verymuch Interested to See Abhiram. We are the Three Mozillians Organizing the Localization Sprint Workshop.

We 3 Mozillains Arrived in Dr.pauls Engineering College, Pondy City.


It was an Awesome College, Where all Sides are Natural and Greenish in Color, All kinds of tress are planted.

The efforts of the college’s dean & Khaleel bro needs a noteworthy mention, he was the sole reason we could organize an event there. 

I Just QuickStart with me  briefing the 40 odd participants with fundamentals of open source software and its philosophy.



The session was well received by all the Partcipants , putting up myslides for the event(

This followed by our presence organizer Khaleel giving a talk and demo on how to get started with Pootle. He first described the importance of localization in a very creative and catchy manner that I’m sure struck a cord with all the participants there with me included! I made my very own Pootle account too! The mentor thus became a participant himself. Khaleel then gave a demo of how to get started with translating the strings. He gave specific emphasis about what to do and what not to do!



This was followed by a delicious and homely lunch organized by the college at their premises. After lunch, Abhiram started an ice-breaker to help everyone know each other better.

This is what he Did-

  • Split everyone into 6 groups of 6-7 each
  • Introduce oneself to group members
  • Gave them a time slot of 5 minutes, within which they had to jot  all the new words they learnt from the morning’s session
  • Whichever group has the highest number of buzz words, wins!

This activity helped the participants bond well with each other and it helped them activate their grey cells after a heavy lunch!

These are the Team of Participants photos



We then moved on to the FSA slideshow, where I explained what one can do as a part of the program! This was followed by a open source overview and then a FSA recruitment activity where 40+ participants signed up as proud ambassadors of the open web!

Abhiram Explains about Opensource  (



Atlast we gave Mozillatee for an Activity Participant in the College, and Also distributed some swags for all 40Participants


We Taken a Awesome Groupiee Photos with Pauls College Students


The evening included a blissful hitch, discussion about life and philosophy with Khaleel and Abhiram – local FOSS enthusiasts. Beach was a welcome relief, after an intense discussion and a heavy heart, I bid goodbye to the lovely city of Pondy! Thanks to Khalel bro for giving me such an Opportunity and Thanks to Abhiram for Coming to pondy.