Sunday FSFTN Meetup in CITU Office,Villupuram On 29/6/2014

Im with My Eight Friends Went to CITU office for meetup conducted by Villupuram Glug of FSFTN.( On 29/6/2014

My Friends are new to the FSFTN. But I want to tell  something about what is  Free software and opensource. And what process is running Behind our eyes in Operating system or any other software or program.

Because Im a volunteer in Free software Foundation Tamilnadu-Villupuram Glug. Our Moto is to give the technology to the normal people and for all.  So I tell to my friends to come for  weekly meetup to know newthings and technology. So They Came for meetup with me.

1) Philosophy  is taken By Mr.Anand

Mr.Anand tells about the Free software Philosophy and  Freedoms

What is Free software and for what purpose we are going for free software ?

Free software means software that respects user’s freedom and community roughly, the users have the  freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

Free software is a matter of liberty not price. To understand the concept you should think of Free as free as in free speech.  And the Free software are developed by Free Software Foundation.


Click this site

What are Freedoms of free software ?

Freedom 0 – To run the program for any other purpose.

Freedom 1– To study how the program works, and change it for computing as you wish. Access to source code is precondition for free software.

Freedom 2-To redistribute copies to your neighbours.

Freedom 3-To distribute copies of your modified versions to others.

He tells the comparisons between Proprietary software and Free software. And he tells about the copyleft. Richard stallman story of For want of printer. He tells about the GNU(Gnu is not Unix) And GPL(General Public License).


And he Finishes his speech..

After that

2)Start Our Contribution To Free Software

Bug reporting Taken By Mr. Sarath

Mr.Sarath Tells about the Bug reporting in Mozilla Firefox. Because Mozilla Firefox is a free software so we go for that.

What is mean by Bug ? 


A Software Bug is an Error,Flaw,Failure,or fault in a computer program system. That Causes to produce an incorrect or unexpected result.

To report the Bug, we can Use Bugzilla.

Bug Zilla is a Web-Based General Purpose Bugtracker&Testing Tool Developed By Mozilla and licensed under Mozilla Public License


For Eg: If there is a bug occur in mozillafirefox we can the send the bug information to the mozilla community, so they can help for me. And we can enhace or enlarge our contribution by clicking this site

3)Creation Of Blog By Mr.Balaji 

Mr.Balaji tells about how to create a blog and why we create a blog.

What is Blog?


A personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.

He  Listed out some of the opensource blogs in internet

1)wordpress (



4) (


6)Submify (

And he tells how to create a blog in There are two type we can differ in Blog one is Personal Blog(we can write about myself or my life story in myBlog). other is Technical Blog(for sharing our technical knowledge to other so they can have the interest to know newthings).

We can include the widgets like (facebook,twitter) in our blog, So all people can know about you & way of technical knowledge. We can create a Homepage of our blog so the readers can know what is the blog is about.

 4) Introduction to the Basics of Cryptography By Mr.Prasanna

He tells the Concept of Cyptography that ‘Cryptography prior to the modern age was effectively synonymous with encryption

And He tells about the Symmetric-key Cryptography ,where the same key used for Both Encryption&decryption


We uses the Both Public key and private key for cyptography for security of our information sending to one person to anther without any  distrubance.


And Atlast All the Volunteers are sit together and Discuss about the suggestions, where we are going for, what is our next goal,how can we select the sessions about how the newmembers expecting by their Interest.

Whole meetup is finished all Vounteers and newmembers said bye.















Never Ever give up

Dont ever give up in ur Life .

In any critical sutivation u have to handle the problem in a smoothway.

Because I learned the lesson from my life and from my friend.

We have to enjoy every moment and every second of our life.

so life became super. 



Sunday FSFTN meeting in Ocean Academy ,Pondy

In the Sunday Morning , I went to Pondy oceanacademy with Karkee Anna.

All Volunteers of  Villupuram and Puduvai Glug are arrived at the Ocean Academy,Pondy. 

For discussions of 5days Summercamp in IIT-Madras. 

All volunteers are say their comments,expericence, suggestions to all. Im also say my expericence to all my friends.

At last Mr.Karkee says that we have the strength  to enhance the  free software for using, sharing, contributing the free software.

We must to take it to a normal people. So the free software is helpful for the normal people also.  

IIT-MadrasSummer Camp

In a day of summer,

In sunday meetup they had tells about the IIT summercamp conducted by FSFTN (Free software Foundation Tamilnadu). We are the volunteers going for the  Summercamp.

I was so surprised to go for the IIT-Madras . Because My dream is to study in the IIT-Madras campus. But unfortunately. My grandfather told me to take colleges in near Villupuram.

3days before I had Taken all my 5days clothes and otherthings in a big suitcase.

My grandfather dont leave me outside of my city at any instances , But First time I got the  permission and goes to Summercamp at IIT-Madras.

At 15/6/2014 Going to Chennai IIT Campus

Mr.Karkee Took care of me . so my grandfather said to Karkee anna that “I dont send Adam to anywhere outside of the city, so take care and he lastly said that dnt take him to a beach”

Karkee anna laughed at the moment to me. And he said that information to all my glug members. we gone to a bus to chennai.

I Atlast we Reach the IIT campus,


Day1: Introduction To GNU/Linux  

This sessions is taken by Mr.Sibi secretary of Free software foundation Tamilnadu.

He said about What is GNU/Linux and who invented Linux. Linus Torvalds he did his finalyear project(Linux) for the community.

 He said about IBM Sequoia,International space station,French parliament uses Linux and IT@school by kerala government.

The process is that

1)Installation of Gnu/Linux

2)Connected to IRC

3)Create a Blog

when the morning session over, we all gone for Himalaya for Lunch , I had seen many new foods in that day only.

1day sessions are over the volunteers are giving the feedback to the organisation. 



2nd day session Ruby is very interesting session By Mr.Vysakh

I dont like programming . But I like Ruby programming very  much.

When Mr. Vysakh is teaching im listen and practically I do it in my laptop.

He tells about Ruby, Ruby codes,Palindrome,Functions,Factorial,class,Class creation,Inheritance.

This is end of the morning sessions. After we went for our lunch.

Afternoon Session

Github is taken by Mr.Vysakh only.

He tells about Github for creating a opensource project as a team.

when there are 5members in a team means each one  had different idea. so each one can



and we can also get the source codes of the opensource projects from the Github. 

On Night, I with my friends enjoyed to go for the sathiyam cinemas. It was awesome. In my life time that is the First Movie to watch in the theatre. First time to go for the theatre with friends.


Day3: Ruby On Rails

Rails is taken by Mr. Vysakh 

Ruby on rails is the framework of ruby.

I listen a lot. To create a  own framework of my own.

On this day Night we went to an Hotel called Anjapar. That also a very great experience with my friends. first time to a a/c hotel 


Day4: Blender 

Morning we are went to Bharathi Book store for purchasing Books. I dont like studying books before. But Now I daily studying a single book a Day.


Blender is taken by Mr.Vignesh

It is a opensource tool to built a animation or a graphical Image.

He learned something about blender from Tutor4u for blender tutorial.

Afternoon session

Cloud computing By Mr.Yogesh 

He teach about cloud computing of present .He tells about

Traditional computing Challenges

*Scaling &redundancy


*Co-location,Power&HVAC challenges

*Disaster recovery&business continuity

*Moretime spent on operations that on developement

*Developing resources

*Isolation of Components &Security

*Maintance &provisoning

*Compilance to standards & certifications

He give the Virtualization , cloud:pesudo definition. 

He gave the demo of Creating a cloud in Amazon .

Atlast He Gave the information of Open Rv and Diy Drones of opensource project.


Day5:Android & openhardware 

Android sessions is taken by Mr.Syedkhaleel 

He had taken his session in a nice way . slowly it reaches the participants .

It was so interesting . To  create my own app easily.

Atlast all members are crowd together to  salute the members who are behind the screens.

And I said to all my friends to say Goodbye. where tears in my eyes. because in my life time this the best and first camp. I really enjoyed with my friends. New location,newfood,New friends , New discussions. I really missed that moment  









Career At College(Present)

I Had Enjoyed all my School days and Holidays..

I dont waste my holidays anytime. I gone for  typewriting classes.  

Im a junior Grade type writier Only. I written exam and I passed in Firstclass


And I also Gone for training off to Hardware&networking in Mathi Computers..

They send me to the Job.

My First salary of the Job is 150 rupees. I fastly go to my house and I give to my  mom . And I says “This is my first salary ma” My mom say very good adam keep it up da.

And my Holidays are Finished. 

I put for Annauniversity Counselling . I got 110 cutoff out of 200 marks.

Im with my family members gone to Guindy Annauniversity campus for counselling at chennai . I taken My Interested Course Computerscience engineering..


I taken the college near to my city villupuram only.

August30,2012 My College Inguration 

Im with my grandfather and grandmother gone to College Inaguration that takes only half day. From the next day only regular classes will conducted by college.

1st year computerscience engineering ,

I had great interest about engineering. I had got new friends from my college. Aravinth is my best friend

university exams reached I written all subjects nicely. But failed in Phy1. I liked the subjects verymuch but i failed. I dont giveup i tried to write another time i passed in Phy1.

2ndyear of engineering ,

I totally dispointed no friends for me. But Lokeshwaren is my bestfriend in my dept and also My LKG class mate Saravanan is my best friends.

I got The two trophys and one medal in that day in my college. That moment I was so surprised to get that.That time I feel like AR.Rahumaan Got two oscar awards. awesome moment in my life


One Fine day,

My college senior called me to go for a meeting. I doest no what was the meeting about. I gone to the building of vrp school. Going upstairs.  There was a man teaching something . I asked “Excuse me sir” and I entered to the class. He talking about free software . He tells about DuckDuckgo search engine, Tor Browser and Openstreet map. The man name calledMr.Karkee. The classes are finish.


I had lot of confusions and questions about the meetup. I think that “If there is any revolution against Google“. I asked several questions to Mr.Karkee . He replied all my questions. And he said about Philosophy ” The aim of the Free software foundation is give the technology to all the people”. 


And I attended the Wikipedia Session Taken By Mr.Sibi


Sibi sir tells about How to contribute in Wikipedia. We also add the lines of our own to the wikipedia. It was so enlighted expericence for me. 

I gone for a 3 or 4 meetups. I dont have time on sundays. Because weekly once only I want to see my father,mother and brother. So I Refuse to come for the meetups. But they conducted a one day technical seminar of Free software Foundation Tamilnadu.

One Day Technical seminar at Villupuram,  

The agenda of the Oneday technical seminar is


1) Mr.Sibi has taken the Free software Philosophy  of freedom 0 to 3 


2)Mr.Prasanna Had taken Python programming  


3)Mr.Yogesh had taken Cloudcomputing   


4) Opensuse studio for making our own os 

I listened All the sessions of the seminaar and they alternatives of Proprietary softwares. And they given the mailing list. In  the completion of the seminaar they had given me a elementary os, a notepad and also the strength to  enhance the free software. 

So I interested to work with the free software. At last Villupuram and Puduvai glug members all together taken a group photo. But Im not in the group photo. 


And I had got so many friends in the VillupuramGlug.   









Career At School Days

Adam is joined to a matriculation school at standard 1st . Oneday when his classteacher scold him and to put situps. Adam is one son for Ahamed . So He was Chellam to Ahamed. Chellam means is used to call our dear ones whom we don’t want to miss. There is nothing like only a particular relationship should use this. So Adam says to grandfather Ahamed about classteacher punishment given to him.

Ahamed was so much angry and next day he go to school and scolded the Adam’s classteacher.

So sad that class teacher resign her job in the school. So that time onwords i dnt tell to My grandfather ahamed about any punishment. Because Im A Grown Boy Named Adam.

I got First certificate in a tamil Recitation compatation at the year 2005-2006


But I got only Second place. I dnt worry about second. Im also afraid of stage fear that all gone.

But this is the first participation in the school.

And I Joined to Scouts and Guides at the my School itself.


I had great experience in the scout. They took to camp and give training.

I get more social responsiblities about my city.

So i want to participate in World environment day.



When we clean our environment. we can live with the healthy and happy life.

Now environment is clean. But the GH hospital of villupuram is some what dirty. so yearlyones me and friends all volunteers are go to GH Hospital and cleans the environment. So I participate to that event to clean Hospital surroundings.


And also It includes the tree plantation. So when we Plant a tree in the ground it increases the Groundwater level and drinking water for future is good.

I Attended the Oneday service camp at District Training centre , Valavanur



At the end of 9th standard, the scout& guides tells  exam for Rajaya Purshukar Award. So they want to take all volunteers for three days camp at valavanur training centre.  And I write the exam very super and I enjoyed with my friends. My coordinator of Scout is Mr.Josephraj.  And after three days we arrived to villupuram.

Days past,

I got my Rajya Purshukar award from Governor


After I completed 9th standard I promoted to 10th standard.. I had enjoyed lot of things in 9th std and also scout teaches me lot of things in my life. It also helpful for my life begninnig. turnning point also.


This is the image taken at the age of 15

10th standard has the public board exam accomdated by the Government of tamilnadu.

I loved theory subjects verymuch. But I dnt like Mathematics subject in my life. I had hardworked in 10th std. Jayapal is my class teacher , he was a man who takes me english subject, and he was a music composer with help of school painokeyboard. I liked his experience of teaching. And Jayapal and my family members has great confident that I Passed in my 10th public exam.

But Unfortunately,

I take only 256 marks out of 500. and also I failed in mathematics subject of mark 31.

I dont failed in my life anytime. But this is my first failure I never seen.

I frankly say that I tried another time in for attempted for mathematics subject . I got 56 marks in mathematics.

So totally my 10th standard marks is changed to 300 marks.

This failure teaches me the  hardwork and confident of my life. I dont forgot this moment in my life.

So I joined that same school later in  +1 computerscience group. I loved computerscience very much at my small age itself. so I taken the group.

In +1 I had friends like Pr.vignesh,Kuberan, Meerazarudheen . this are my best friends. I dont talk to anyone in my class expect this members.

Im and my friend Kuberan had participate in many school celebrations.

And I also participate in School Annualday at 2011.


This expericence give me  lots of happieness.. And give me a super stage experience before 2000 people. The drama story has been written by my school A.O Mr.Emerson Robin.

And the act was successfully finished.

Days past,

I promoted to +2 . It also have the Public Board exam. I realizes my failure in 10th standard. But I dont giveup.. I should take more marks in +2 . So only I can prove that Im a good student  to my society and to my parents and relations.

+2 Exam reached,

I Hardworked and completely sacrifice my sleeps for my studies. I challenged to my old friend to take more than onemark .

Result knocked my door,

At 10am, the result announced, I had boughten a new laptop from my grandfather Ahamed. And I had boughten airtelUsbmodem for internet connection.

Time delays, I putting my register number and date of birth in the website field.

hahaha I passed in +2 exam . I taken 814 marks out of 1200 marks. My grandfather hug me with lot of tears in his eyes. And I given sweets to all my relations and my friends.  I challenged a guy know he taken only 799marks only. But I dont take care of that.

At last I drop out of My School.


This was my most happiest days in myschool Life.