Career At College(Present)

I Had Enjoyed all my School days and Holidays..

I dont waste my holidays anytime. I gone for  typewriting classes.  

Im a junior Grade type writier Only. I written exam and I passed in Firstclass


And I also Gone for training off to Hardware&networking in Mathi Computers..

They send me to the Job.

My First salary of the Job is 150 rupees. I fastly go to my house and I give to my  mom . And I says “This is my first salary ma” My mom say very good adam keep it up da.

And my Holidays are Finished. 

I put for Annauniversity Counselling . I got 110 cutoff out of 200 marks.

Im with my family members gone to Guindy Annauniversity campus for counselling at chennai . I taken My Interested Course Computerscience engineering..


I taken the college near to my city villupuram only.

August30,2012 My College Inguration 

Im with my grandfather and grandmother gone to College Inaguration that takes only half day. From the next day only regular classes will conducted by college.

1st year computerscience engineering ,

I had great interest about engineering. I had got new friends from my college. Aravinth is my best friend

university exams reached I written all subjects nicely. But failed in Phy1. I liked the subjects verymuch but i failed. I dont giveup i tried to write another time i passed in Phy1.

2ndyear of engineering ,

I totally dispointed no friends for me. But Lokeshwaren is my bestfriend in my dept and also My LKG class mate Saravanan is my best friends.

I got The two trophys and one medal in that day in my college. That moment I was so surprised to get that.That time I feel like AR.Rahumaan Got two oscar awards. awesome moment in my life


One Fine day,

My college senior called me to go for a meeting. I doest no what was the meeting about. I gone to the building of vrp school. Going upstairs.  There was a man teaching something . I asked “Excuse me sir” and I entered to the class. He talking about free software . He tells about DuckDuckgo search engine, Tor Browser and Openstreet map. The man name calledMr.Karkee. The classes are finish.


I had lot of confusions and questions about the meetup. I think that “If there is any revolution against Google“. I asked several questions to Mr.Karkee . He replied all my questions. And he said about Philosophy ” The aim of the Free software foundation is give the technology to all the people”. 


And I attended the Wikipedia Session Taken By Mr.Sibi


Sibi sir tells about How to contribute in Wikipedia. We also add the lines of our own to the wikipedia. It was so enlighted expericence for me. 

I gone for a 3 or 4 meetups. I dont have time on sundays. Because weekly once only I want to see my father,mother and brother. So I Refuse to come for the meetups. But they conducted a one day technical seminar of Free software Foundation Tamilnadu.

One Day Technical seminar at Villupuram,  

The agenda of the Oneday technical seminar is


1) Mr.Sibi has taken the Free software Philosophy  of freedom 0 to 3 


2)Mr.Prasanna Had taken Python programming  


3)Mr.Yogesh had taken Cloudcomputing   


4) Opensuse studio for making our own os 

I listened All the sessions of the seminaar and they alternatives of Proprietary softwares. And they given the mailing list. In  the completion of the seminaar they had given me a elementary os, a notepad and also the strength to  enhance the free software. 

So I interested to work with the free software. At last Villupuram and Puduvai glug members all together taken a group photo. But Im not in the group photo. 


And I had got so many friends in the VillupuramGlug.   









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