Career At School Days

Adam is joined to a matriculation school at standard 1st . Oneday when his classteacher scold him and to put situps. Adam is one son for Ahamed . So He was Chellam to Ahamed. Chellam means is used to call our dear ones whom we don’t want to miss. There is nothing like only a particular relationship should use this. So Adam says to grandfather Ahamed about classteacher punishment given to him.

Ahamed was so much angry and next day he go to school and scolded the Adam’s classteacher.

So sad that class teacher resign her job in the school. So that time onwords i dnt tell to My grandfather ahamed about any punishment. Because Im A Grown Boy Named Adam.

I got First certificate in a tamil Recitation compatation at the year 2005-2006


But I got only Second place. I dnt worry about second. Im also afraid of stage fear that all gone.

But this is the first participation in the school.

And I Joined to Scouts and Guides at the my School itself.


I had great experience in the scout. They took to camp and give training.

I get more social responsiblities about my city.

So i want to participate in World environment day.



When we clean our environment. we can live with the healthy and happy life.

Now environment is clean. But the GH hospital of villupuram is some what dirty. so yearlyones me and friends all volunteers are go to GH Hospital and cleans the environment. So I participate to that event to clean Hospital surroundings.


And also It includes the tree plantation. So when we Plant a tree in the ground it increases the Groundwater level and drinking water for future is good.

I Attended the Oneday service camp at District Training centre , Valavanur



At the end of 9th standard, the scout& guides tells  exam for Rajaya Purshukar Award. So they want to take all volunteers for three days camp at valavanur training centre.  And I write the exam very super and I enjoyed with my friends. My coordinator of Scout is Mr.Josephraj.  And after three days we arrived to villupuram.

Days past,

I got my Rajya Purshukar award from Governor


After I completed 9th standard I promoted to 10th standard.. I had enjoyed lot of things in 9th std and also scout teaches me lot of things in my life. It also helpful for my life begninnig. turnning point also.


This is the image taken at the age of 15

10th standard has the public board exam accomdated by the Government of tamilnadu.

I loved theory subjects verymuch. But I dnt like Mathematics subject in my life. I had hardworked in 10th std. Jayapal is my class teacher , he was a man who takes me english subject, and he was a music composer with help of school painokeyboard. I liked his experience of teaching. And Jayapal and my family members has great confident that I Passed in my 10th public exam.

But Unfortunately,

I take only 256 marks out of 500. and also I failed in mathematics subject of mark 31.

I dont failed in my life anytime. But this is my first failure I never seen.

I frankly say that I tried another time in for attempted for mathematics subject . I got 56 marks in mathematics.

So totally my 10th standard marks is changed to 300 marks.

This failure teaches me the  hardwork and confident of my life. I dont forgot this moment in my life.

So I joined that same school later in  +1 computerscience group. I loved computerscience very much at my small age itself. so I taken the group.

In +1 I had friends like Pr.vignesh,Kuberan, Meerazarudheen . this are my best friends. I dont talk to anyone in my class expect this members.

Im and my friend Kuberan had participate in many school celebrations.

And I also participate in School Annualday at 2011.


This expericence give me  lots of happieness.. And give me a super stage experience before 2000 people. The drama story has been written by my school A.O Mr.Emerson Robin.

And the act was successfully finished.

Days past,

I promoted to +2 . It also have the Public Board exam. I realizes my failure in 10th standard. But I dont giveup.. I should take more marks in +2 . So only I can prove that Im a good student  to my society and to my parents and relations.

+2 Exam reached,

I Hardworked and completely sacrifice my sleeps for my studies. I challenged to my old friend to take more than onemark .

Result knocked my door,

At 10am, the result announced, I had boughten a new laptop from my grandfather Ahamed. And I had boughten airtelUsbmodem for internet connection.

Time delays, I putting my register number and date of birth in the website field.

hahaha I passed in +2 exam . I taken 814 marks out of 1200 marks. My grandfather hug me with lot of tears in his eyes. And I given sweets to all my relations and my friends.  I challenged a guy know he taken only 799marks only. But I dont take care of that.

At last I drop out of My School.


This was my most happiest days in myschool Life.








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