History of Mohammed Adam

Mohammed Adam was born to a middle-class family in  a city of Villupuram, to  Allavudheen father and  JamuruthNisha mother in  Tamil Nadu, India.   His Father Allavudheen  had loved Jamuruthnisha in kantharvakoddai and married her. And Allavudheen comes to villupuram and said to his father Jiyavudheen that about his marriage . Allavudheen father shouted and tell to his brother Ahamed about the sutivation happen.Ahamed is the head and should take all judgements of the family. Ahamed told to all family members that no one talk to Allavudheen and his wife. Allavudheen lefted his family with her wife jamuruthNisha . The solar family is broken into a nuclear family. After Few years Mohammed Adam born in  december24,1994 saturday afternoon 2:45pm @Villupuram City.


Adam’s father was so happy to see his child Mohammed Adam. But he has pain that no family members to see his child. Years Past, Allavudheen grandmother was so serious in a bed, that she saying that” now im alive i want to see my family members“. All where came allavudheen also came with his wife and son Adam. The last wish of the grandmother is to join  all familymembers in equal . And she died next day. all where sad and sorrow. No one talk to JamuruthNisha at any moment.Because all family members respect Ahamed Words.  Days past, Oneday When all family members are in same house. Suddenly Allavudheen mother took his child Adam and Give to Ahamed’s Wife. Because Ahamed  dont have childrens. Suddenly Ahamed says “give the child to him”. But Child Adam was 6months Baby. No one can refuse  to like the baby. When he was a Human beings. Ahamed’s wife give to the child to Allavudheen. But Adam was a Naughty Baby, Oneday he hugs and touch his grandfather Ahamed face.In that sutivation  he realizes is mistake in taking decision in Allavudheen life. And Ahamed says sorry to Allavudheen.  And Allavudheen gives his child Adam to adopt to father’s brother Ahamed.So , He given Adam to Ahamed.   Atlast all family members are Joined together. And had a Happy Life.


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