IIT-MadrasSummer Camp

In a day of summer,

In sunday meetup they had tells about the IIT summercamp conducted by FSFTN (Free software Foundation Tamilnadu). We are the volunteers going for the  Summercamp.

I was so surprised to go for the IIT-Madras . Because My dream is to study in the IIT-Madras campus. But unfortunately. My grandfather told me to take colleges in near Villupuram.

3days before I had Taken all my 5days clothes and otherthings in a big suitcase.

My grandfather dont leave me outside of my city at any instances , But First time I got the  permission and goes to Summercamp at IIT-Madras.

At 15/6/2014 Going to Chennai IIT Campus

Mr.Karkee Took care of me . so my grandfather said to Karkee anna that “I dont send Adam to anywhere outside of the city, so take care and he lastly said that dnt take him to a beach”

Karkee anna laughed at the moment to me. And he said that information to all my glug members. we gone to a bus to chennai.

I Atlast we Reach the IIT campus,


Day1: Introduction To GNU/Linux  

This sessions is taken by Mr.Sibi secretary of Free software foundation Tamilnadu.

He said about What is GNU/Linux and who invented Linux. Linus Torvalds he did his finalyear project(Linux) for the community.

 He said about IBM Sequoia,International space station,French parliament uses Linux and IT@school by kerala government.

The process is that

1)Installation of Gnu/Linux

2)Connected to IRC

3)Create a Blog

when the morning session over, we all gone for Himalaya for Lunch , I had seen many new foods in that day only.

1day sessions are over the volunteers are giving the feedback to the organisation. 



2nd day session Ruby is very interesting session By Mr.Vysakh

I dont like programming . But I like Ruby programming very  much.

When Mr. Vysakh is teaching im listen and practically I do it in my laptop.

He tells about Ruby, Ruby codes,Palindrome,Functions,Factorial,class,Class creation,Inheritance.

This is end of the morning sessions. After we went for our lunch.

Afternoon Session

Github is taken by Mr.Vysakh only.

He tells about Github for creating a opensource project as a team.

when there are 5members in a team means each one  had different idea. so each one can



and we can also get the source codes of the opensource projects from the Github. 

On Night, I with my friends enjoyed to go for the sathiyam cinemas. It was awesome. In my life time that is the First Movie to watch in the theatre. First time to go for the theatre with friends.


Day3: Ruby On Rails

Rails is taken by Mr. Vysakh 

Ruby on rails is the framework of ruby.

I listen a lot. To create a  own framework of my own.

On this day Night we went to an Hotel called Anjapar. That also a very great experience with my friends. first time to a a/c hotel 


Day4: Blender 

Morning we are went to Bharathi Book store for purchasing Books. I dont like studying books before. But Now I daily studying a single book a Day.


Blender is taken by Mr.Vignesh

It is a opensource tool to built a animation or a graphical Image.

He learned something about blender from Tutor4u for blender tutorial.

Afternoon session

Cloud computing By Mr.Yogesh 

He teach about cloud computing of present .He tells about

Traditional computing Challenges

*Scaling &redundancy


*Co-location,Power&HVAC challenges

*Disaster recovery&business continuity

*Moretime spent on operations that on developement

*Developing resources

*Isolation of Components &Security

*Maintance &provisoning

*Compilance to standards & certifications

He give the Virtualization , cloud:pesudo definition. 

He gave the demo of Creating a cloud in Amazon .

Atlast He Gave the information of Open Rv and Diy Drones of opensource project.


Day5:Android & openhardware 

Android sessions is taken by Mr.Syedkhaleel 

He had taken his session in a nice way . slowly it reaches the participants .

It was so interesting . To  create my own app easily.

Atlast all members are crowd together to  salute the members who are behind the screens.

And I said to all my friends to say Goodbye. where tears in my eyes. because in my life time this the best and first camp. I really enjoyed with my friends. New location,newfood,New friends , New discussions. I really missed that moment  










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  1. karkee says:

    உங்கள் பதிவில் ஓவ்வொரு நாளின் முழுமையையும் உணர முடிகிறது.

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