My Experience in Inplant Training @UniqTechnologies, Chennai

In the Uniq Technologies, they handled 2 Session Commonly

1) Android Workshop

2) Web Designing( Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver)

Android Workshop 

They Said the Difference between C, C++ and Java

C – Structured Language, Functions, , Void Scanf(I/P), Printf(o/p)

C++ – Procedure oriented Language, Methods Within Class, Cin(I/p), Cout(O/p)

Java- Pure Object Oriented Language, Constructor within Class, InputStream(I/p), System.out.println()(o/p)

What is Android?

Android operating system

Differences Between Sources

1) Open Source -> Linux( Android)

2) Closed Source -> Windows, Ios, Symbian, Bada, Palm Os etc.

3) Freeware-> All Softwares