February Is Fabulous For Me

“I joined #Firefox Student Ambassadors to promote openness, innovation, and opportunity on the Web! #FirefoxStudents http://mzl.la/1bxexd3

Im also became an  Mozillan in Mozilla Firefox Community

Here is my Mozillan Profile(https://mozillians.org/en-US/u/MohammedAdam24/)

In Mozilla Wiki Page they displayed myname  as ClubLead that “Firefox Club Team decided to make Mr. Mohammed Adam as a next club lead.” Here is the link for Mozillawikipage(https://wiki.mozilla.org/MEC_Firefox_Club).

Here is the Photos on Mozilla Wiki page.

Screenshot from 2015-02-19 06:23:18   Screenshot from 2015-02-24 21:32:13

So Im Also Contributing to Mozilla Firefox in Localization/Translation part they displayed my name in TopContributors List 

Screenshot from 2015-02-24 06:51:02


My First Paper Presentation on “CloudComputing” in Tantra2k15 National Level Symposium @SMVEC College,Pondicheery

Febuary6, Topic : A Message Passing Interface to Support Fast Data Access in Distributed Cloud Environment along with
Master and Slave Communication.  

10984873_1540038789602112_420482107_n 10954314_1540038812935443_1981473149_n 10957431_1540038752935449_1516012737_n

Link of My Presentation: (http://www.slideshare.net/amdadam5/cloudcomputing-by-adam)

February Started with More Energy (Taken 1st New Session on Feb1,2015)


The Blogging is about how to create our own blog in WORDPRESS in FREE of COST. So I displayed my Open document Presentation to the Students.

961492_1538667089739282_1831049600_n 10904662_1538667006405957_2042218309_n 10955872_1538667219739269_1705323132_n 10966637_1538666969739294_358109906_n

This Presentation is about How to Create a Blog or website Using WordPress.com. So Here is the Link for Slides (http://www.slideshare.net/amdadam5/blogging-how-to-create-a-blog-41759683

January 2015 Events

January 1 – Starting the Newyear With full of Happiness and also with the Great Resolution with Sweets.


January2- Schedule suddenly Starts with my Grandfather Bangalore Trip for some Reason. 


January 16- Book Festival @Chennai YMC. Collecting New Books to learn new things with my Friends. 

10957570_1538667329739258_1622720280_n 10959126_1538667126405945_689450391_n 10961966_1538666959739295_375299143_n 10967964_1538667233072601_1251957757_n

January 18 – Celebrated Hardware Freedom Day  @Pondy Livehood Resource

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January22- Sadest day in my Life. My Friend and Wellwisher Karkee’s Brother Ragul died. on that day itself i dont belive the GOD. 

January29- Atteded the IBM PENERATION TESTING WORKSHOP in KURUKSHETRA2015 @Annauniversity CEG CAMPUS Guindy. 


They Taken about the APT(Advanced Persistent Threat)

-Exploiting unreported vulnerabilities, Custom  malware is not detected by Antivirus Products, Coordinates Researched attacks using multiple vectors.

– Attacks Lasting.

Attacks Types : spear phishing , SQL Injection, Physical Access, Malware , XSS, Unknown

Attacker types: Cyber Crime, Hactivism, DDOS Attackers, APT, Spam&DDOS.

They Said about Sony Pictures Entertainment cyberhack so here is the Wikipedia link about it (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Pictures_Entertainment_hack

TECHNIQUE : Harden -> Detect ->Analyse

Endpoints, Networks, Applications & Databases.

Anatomy of APT: SQL Injection-CMS Server compress and Password Hashes, Social engineering, Blocked by IPS, Discovered by UA Scan or security Audit, Dont Share Credinationals between sites.

Attackers Use 3rd party Softwares for testing -> 50 Corporates computer affected.

Scenario-2 : Anonymously Detection database monitoring & protection ->35M Stolen.

Cross Site Scripting:  Malicious script echoled back and behind in HTML pages.

They introduced the IBM Appscan &OWASP Software for scanning the sites. And also the BLUEMIX Web Application Scanner for App and site online scanning. Atlast I Leave the CEG Campus with my Friends.

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