Attended Firefox OS Hackathon Event in Swecha Hyderabad (FreedomFest 2015)

This is My First time im Going to Hyderabad. Im verymuch interested to learn more about FirefoxOs app Development.

They have some Parallel Tracks in their Schedule like, But i Attended this sessions:

1) Firefox OS app Development

2) Introduction to UI and UX Designs

3) Advanced Firefox Os

1) Firefox OS app Development 

So Im also have some Basic ideas how to create FirefoxOs apps By using WEBIDE -> Simulator 

This is my  Presentation that Tells about How to Create our own FirefoxOS Apps & How to Publish it in Marketplace.& Tips,Tricks &Demos.

So Here is the Link to My Presentation:


It want some HTML5, CSS, Javascripts for the Apps.   we can use some TextEditor for Codings. We can run the apps by using Simulator.

So the BuildingBlocks and Mozilla developer Network is used to develop the perfect Apps.  So All parts of MDN (docs, demos, and the site itself) are created by an open community of developers.

Here is the Links for Developer and BuildingBlocks (, The Begineers should start from this link only.   

2) Introduction to UI and UX Designs

This sessions is Taken By ThoughtsWorks Person By Mr.Nandu

The Session will teach me more about why we using UI & UX designs and Patterns, an developer or engineer or maker developing a apps means he must fullfilled in the UI & UX designs and Patterns. He also says about basics of HTML5, CSS, JS.  At the end of this session i feel Determined on UI designs. It gives an overview about it.

3) Advanced Firefox Os  

This sessions tells about how APIs are Working in the FIrefoxOS . So it is the Main part of it. It Will Interacting between Hardware and Userinterface we Working.

It Tells About Foundation of FirefoxOs, Layout and structure,  Drawing and animation, General Web APIs, 

etc .

Firefox OS device APIs : These are emerging Web platform standards and device APIs crucial to Firefox OS app development and to Open Web Apps.

So here is the

App Development API Reference

Link to Follow : (

So Atlast All the FreeSoftware Activists are Sit together and Discuss about all Free Software Activities across Tamilnadu and Hyderabad 

Here are Some Pics Taken in Swecha Hyderabad





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