My Experience in MozCoffee-Villupuram on June28, 2015

This is the First MozCoffee Event in Villupuram, Organized by Syed Khaleel Jageer (MozillaRep).  He only Introduce Mozilla for me, so He is a Insipirational Person for Many.

About the Event 


There are lot of student that are joining the Firefox student Ambassador Program who need to be tutored more on Mozilla and the Firefox OS Including Mozilla products.  This event serves as getting all the FSAs from Villupuram, Pondicherry, Cuddalore & Thiruvannamalai to start contributing to Mozilla and work on various Mozilla & FOSS related activities in their colleges/universities. The event will be a gathering of FSA’s who are interested to contribute as well as interested to Share things about Mozilla.

1) The Event Started with Registration by Balaji Tamilselvan

2) Philosophy behind Free Software by  Sathish Kumar


He Explained about Freesoftware, what are the 4freedoms of FreeSoftware , We can use, Edit, Share, Distribute and Redistribute our FreeSoftware. He Discussed about what is Differences between Properitary Software and FreeSoftware,  Why we are going for FreeSoftware? like that. But the NewBies or Participants are not Interacting with the FSA’s for  the First Time.  They React as a classroom or a workshops they listening only.


3) Introduction to Mozilla By Sarath


Sarath Started with OpenWeb, Why We Need Internet or Web to be Open and Accessible to all. So He Give an Example about how openess gave way to new medicine, He put a Video about MozillaStory. So the Newbies can Understand Easily. Why We are Going to Mozilla Firefox Browser. 

4) Introduction to FSA program and recruitment by Me(Adam)


I Started with a Lock and key Strategy, I Asked them like to Open a Lock what we must have, They Answer “Key”. So to enter into Mozilla We Need Wiki So I Introduced them the Wiki Page of MozillaFirefox( And I told them to Get More Information about Mozilla you can access this wikipage. 

I tell them about Firefox Student Ambassadors, like Who we are , What We do, Why we Rock, why join us. I dont used any Slides. I Showed it on the Wikipage of FSA itself. I tell them about FSA Program Structure.



I Tell them about FSA , Firefox Club, Regional Ambassadors, FSA Exceutive Board.  And I Taken About FSA Recognition System Containing FSA(Trainee,Junior,Senior). 

5) Brainstorming on Community Development(Sarath Kumar & Sathish Kumar)


Sarath and Sathish Started with a BrainStorming. What is a Community? Why We Need a Community?  Why we are Working in a Community?, What can we learn from the Community ?, What are the Ways We can Develop our Community?, like that etc

6) Educating about Mozilla products, initiatives and motivating  volunteers to join the Mozilla  Project by Me(Adam) & Balaji Tamilselvan.


Again I Started to Talk about Mozilla Products like Firefox for Desktop, So I explained that this is not a normal browser like something. A Browser can think Different.  I Explained some tools of the firefox  Browser in Desktop, Like forgot button,  developertools, Chatzilla,etc. So i explained them about Privacy and Security, I show them about Lightbeam tool to see Who are tracking me, which site is visited, blocked, thirdpartysites etc.

Then I covered Firefox for Android, Firefox OS( I put a Video about Firefox Os to all), Thunderbird(MailClient), Webmaker(I Introduced them about Android App of Webmaker), Pocket etc. 


So Balaji Tamilselvan, taked the remaining Products like Firefox Hello(He showed the Demo of Firefox hello, how it Works),


And he taken about Persona, Firefox Nightly, Firefox Developer Edition etc.

7) Road map for next one year on spreading FSA at other colleges/institutes and Networking and knowing members in the community  by Khaleel Jageer


So First He Started his session, But the Participants or Newbies not responsed or never talked to no FSA’s. So He tell them to from a Circle like  Round table Conference like a Group Discussion. 11650742_1628935850719630_801001657_n

He tells about What we do as a Firefox Student Ambassadors, How can We built the Firefox Clubs in their Collges/Institutions, how can we spread the firefox of all Education Students.

Then He tells about Networking and Knowing Members, So As we have 5FSA’s We Sharing our  Experience how we build the Firefox Clubs in our Colleges, How to Maintain the Club, What are the issues arries from the Management Side of College like that. So Khaleel Ask the Participants to Share their experience in Mozcoffee event, What are the learned from it, And Feedbacks also Collected from them to improve our future Events. 

8) Photo session & Swags distribution.

11124197_1628935754052973_734585934_n 11667199_1628935884052960_103955708_n

It Was the Awesome Experience for all the Participants and Also for all Firefox Student Ambassdors.


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