Kidzilla Program in The New JohnDewey Matric School @Villupuram on June29,30, 2015

No One Get this type of opportunities, But I Get, what is the Opportunity means ???

Back to the SchoolDays, when Im Doing My FinalYear College, To take Sessions or Programs in the School and Enjoying School Environment Experience.

First of All Thanks to the School A.O Sir Mr. Emerson Robin, He Only Gives me the permission to Run the Program in his School. So before a Month on May2015, I gone to his School, and I Explained about the Kidzilla Program,What are we do in the program, What are the Benefits or Knowledge the Students can get from this Program. I submitted to Him my Profiles like Mozillian Profile, And My Contribution Profiles in Mozilla. So in the June28th of Sunday when I Finished MozCoffee Villupuram, he called me and tell to me like ” Adam please come to the School on June29 @9:30am” I said “Ok Sir” Thatsit. So I Know Why He is Calling becoz as a FreeSoftware Activist and as a FSA Im always Be Prepared in all things. So he calling to me to take the classes or sessions like” I Decided to go to the School with my laptop” 


I Reached the School Campus


And I Standout Side of the School, when the Prayer is Going on till 9:20am, He talking in Stage and telling about the Academics for the Future Coming Months for the Students, After that He Talked About Me in the Stage ” A Old Student or Alumni of Our School who is  FreeSoftware Activist in FreeSoftwareFoundationTamilnadu and a Firefox Student Ambassador in Mozilla, He will come and teach You the Basics of Computer, how to Create Webpage, how to Create Apps like that He says” 

I was Some Much Impressed By his Talk, He is More  Encourageable Person in the School Also.


I entered Into the Principal Room Sharply @9:30am, He said ” I Will arrange the Students of 8th and 9th Standards as a Batcheswise” So I said “Ok Sir Thanku So Much”

They Gave Me the ComputerLab and They Said “This is your Room, You can Accomadate the Students Here” .


The ComputerLab can Accomadate Only 20-30 Students nearly, I Decided to Separate a Class into Two Batches like Boys and Girls. 

First the 9th Standard Students of Boys Arrived in the Lab, On Everytime I like to interact with the Audience or Students to know more about them, I want the Sessions or Classes to be in the Interactive Manner. So Only They Can Enjoy and learn Technology in the FunWay. So I Introduce Myself As “Im Adam, Im doing my Finalyear in Mailam Engineering College, Im a FreeSoftware Activist In FSFTN, And A Firefox Student Ambassador in mozilla, My Profession is Engineering and My Passion is Freesoftware and Mozilla” And I ask them to introduce themself with the “Name,Standard,Section, Where they are coming from, what is the Goal or Target to the Each Students?


I Started Teaching the Basics of Computer,what are the Hardware and Software, What are Hardware types Input and OutputDevices, What are Software types SytemSoftware and Application Software,  What is Network, What are the Types of Networks like LAN,WAN, MAN, What is Internet, InBetween I Asked how Many Of You Using Internet or How Many of You Having their Own mobile??


I Was More Shocked Most of the Students are Using Internet, And I Started AgainHow the Internet Works , How can we Access the Internet from the ISP(Internet Service Provider), How can we use the Internet Using Web-browser like MozillaFirefox, What are the Search Engines, Why Mozilla Firefox Will Safe the Privacy of the Internet etc.


And I Started What are the Webpage, How Can You Create Your Own Webpages By Using HTML? I Introduced them about Webmaker Tools like Thimble to develop their WebMaking Easily.


I Explained about the General Form or Syntax of the HTML, And I Decided to take Some Components or Tags of the Webpages.


So I took that in the Practical Manner By Using the DesktopPC. All the Students Understood about How to Create Their Own Webpages. And I Distributed Some Swags for the Students to Encourage them to DoWell in the Future.  @12:30pm LunchTime for them. I dnt have Any food with me. But the School Management bought the Food  to me. What a Caring School, No One Do that. So I Think Good Peoples around Me. 

On  that Day Afternoon @1:30pm, I started My Session to Next Class Girls Students who Belongs to 8th Standard A, So 14Girls with 3boys arrived to the ComputerLab , I Changed the Way of Introducing Themselfes. Like Asking their Friends to introduce Another Girl Name,Ambition like that. So they can know about their Friends Ambitions.

So They are Girls or Womens, So Before Introducing Technology, I Said Some More things like Situvation of Women in this Strange World, Like Gender Inequality, Why the Europe has Equal Rights to Womens , Why not in India, How Gender Inequality is Measured,


Women in Workplace


So I Said ” You can Do it, You have the Power to Empower the World, Everyone Has the EqualRights to live in this World”


And I finished the Topic like with the Malala’s Quotes


So I Started the SameThings what I Discussed in the Morning, to the 8th Standard Students” And I Distributed Some Swags to Students.


So 1st Day of Kidzilla Program is Finished, I Release what are the Issues I Seen in the Firstday of the Program, What can I Improve to Talk, Can I Call Some FSA Volunteers to handle More Students, What can be Improved in the Secondday of Skills to be Teached to the Students, What are the need for the Students, That can be Useful the Students Future. 


So Today(June30,2015) With the Help of My Friend Sathish(FSA),The Day Starts with More Enthusiasm Because to handle more students with Sathish.  So today Me(Adam) and Sathish  Covered the FreeSoftware Tools Like Scratch and Stellarium . And Remaining Webmaker Tools like X-ray Goggles, AppMaker and PopCornMaker.


The Remaining Students of 9th Standard Girls Students Arrived, We Talk to them about Yesterday Session, what are the friends are Said, What we teach, So We decided to  took the Sessions Parallely, 

So I Introduced about what we two are ganna do Today’s Sessions.


I taken About the Same I Discussed in Yesterday about Some Basics of Computer , Operating System etc.

We Splitted the Same Class into 2Groups, So I Taken the  Webmaker Tools,


Sathish Handled the Scratch and Stellarium


Scratch: Scratch is a free programming language or a Tool  where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Stellarium: Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.

We gave Some Examples  of Stellarium and Scratch, How you can Made a Games or Stories, innvotative thing by using Scratch, We can see the Solar System in 3D by using Stellarium. Gave Some Swags to the Students.

So Afternoon Session, we Started @1:30pm with the Remaining Students of 8th Standard Boys are Arrived,


In that One Boy Answering to all MyQuestions what I asked, So I Encourage the Student and Gave the Mozilla Band


As we Splitted in Morning, Afternoon also We decided to Split the Students into 2groups. So We Can Handle the Students Easily. I Started Webmaker Tools,


When I Explained all, The Students Create their Own Apps By Using AppMaker


Then Sathish Took Scratch and Stellarium in Detail to the Students


I He Showed an Example of the Cat Game He Created with the Scratch, the Cat will Run and Eats the Cake


And He Showed Some Planets in the Solar System By Using Stellarium

Screenshot from 2015-06-30 17:16:15

We Finished the Sessions, And Gave the Swags to the Students to Encourage them.


I ask them about  Feedback of Our Kidzilla Program to the Students of 8th and 9th Standards, They Gave me the Good Feedbacks, like “about me, about the program, It is Useful for us like, We interested to learn from both of Us, We want more sessions like this, it is Useful for our higher Studies, You 2guys Teach the technology in a funway, Some Students write like “Adam bro Tooks all the History,story,technology in a Interactive Manner, he has BrightFuture” So I was Surprised by the Feedback of 8th standard Students the said. So I collected Bunch of Feedbacks from the Students.  

11655373_1602997499972907_1683530094_n 11666939_1602997483306242_1266355518_n

What I Learned from the 2days of Kidzilla program is ?

I got same School Environment after the 3years, Im the First person to Initiated the Kidzilla in TheNewJohnDeweySchool Villupuram, What the Way Im going is a RightWay, So To teachtheweb alone is a big Strategy for me to Handle More Number of Students, with the help of Volunteer like Sathish, So we can handle more number of students its about a Communitywork can made a BigSuccess, what are the Issues I faced in those 2days, What are ways I can Empower or Self-learned more things to Enhance the students to learn the FreeSoftware technology that is Useful for Students Future.

Thanks to Sathish(FSA), He Made this Day Awesome, Because without him, I Missed some students in this Program, So OnceAgain thanks to Mr.EmersonRobin who gave permission to run this Program in his School.

Total Number of Students Attended kidzilla program is : 150 Students

Total Number of FSA are:

1) Mohammed Adam

2) Sathish Kumar


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