Firefox Student Ambassadors-Thiruvannamalai Blogs

These Blogpost will Contains the New Firefox Student Ambassadors, who attended the Mozilla Meetups and Firefox Student Ambassadors Program in Thiruvannamalai Hosted by Mohammed Adam.

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1) Gayathiri,

2) Vasanth,

3) Navin,

4) DivyaShree

5) Abirami

6) Gowrish

7) Mani             –,

8) Indhumathi,

9) Jayaselan         –,

10) Salai NalVetham

11) Srilekha         –

12) Sruthi

13) Gowtham

Due to lack of Internet, the Newbies or New FSA’s havent written their own Blogs, So Im Waiting for them when their Share their blog with their Interest in Mozilla.


Followup Meetup in Firefox Student Ambassadors-Thiruvannamalai & in SKP GLUG

The Day Started for Me is Super, It Just a Musical Journey From Villupuram to Thiruvannamalai its about 2hours of Travelling in Bus


Last Week only I Finished the Firefox Student Ambassador Program in Thiruvannamalai. So I want to meet the new Contributors and Fellow them so they can Improve the Knowledge and Technical Skills in FreeSoftware Technology. But I Dont made the Meetup, the Student or NewContributors itself asked to me like ” Please Adam bro make nextmeetup to know more about Freesoftware and mozilla”. So I think that they are More Interested to  Learn more new things, why cant I Sacrifice my Sunday’s with them. Its not about Sacrificing, its Sharing the Knowledge with them and Also Improving the Speaking skills or Leadership Skills with them. So I Invited 2volunteers(“Thamarai & Mugunthan”) from FSFTN for Helping me in the Meetup, so they can explain more than me.

And the Meetup Poster was Created & Designed  by the NewContributors only

Mozilla 3 photo_2015-07-26_18-52-17

Today’s Meetup Agends are:

1) FreeSoftware Philosophy & its Freedoms

2) GNU/Linux Installation Fest

3) Women in FreeSoftware Technology

4) A Talk about Community Building

So on Lastweek of Event, I have made the Group of Peoples into Separate 5 Teams, So Today We make the peoples into Circle(: its looks like Round table Conference)

photo_2015-07-26_17-43-27 photo_2015-07-26_17-43-34


FreeSoftware Philosophy & Community Building  taken by Mugunthan


He Talk about lot of things. He Just Covered Freedoms of Freesoftware, Who invented GNU/Linux, Why We Going to Freesoftware instead of Properitary Softwares, Freesoftware Licenses like GPL, Creative Commons, He just Clearly Explain how a CommunityMay be, what are the activities can be run in a Community, what are the Cause and effect of community by a normal people.

I Just done a slides a Year Before for Freesoftware, So here is the Slides for that

Women In Free Software Technology by Thamarai


I Just ask her to explain Women in FreeSoftware Technology Becoz More Women Contributors in Thiruvannamalai, Why they need that topic, they were boys also why specifically womens, Thamarai is Contributing to SWIFT, RubyGirls etc. So I can also explain about Womez, when Im saying means they taken as a topic only, so when an Women can explain means, they can inspire on her thoughts becoz she is a Great contributor & FreeSoftware Activist since 2011.

She Just Tells about Why Separate sessions for Womens, For Freedom of Speech, Encouragement, Awareness, Motivation, Come Forward like Leader, there is a shocking statistics when compared to men they all are contributing in 95%, but Womens contribution is only 5%. Why this situvation happens, how the Society is seeing the womens, male domination, no one knows? , hard to Get Involved, Self doubts and lack of confidence, Unwanted attention(OMG GirL).

She Clearly Explains what are the Ways Can Womens can Contribute in FreeSoftware Technology like Womez, Ubuntu Women, SWIFT, PHP Women, Debain Women, Drupal Chix, Linux Chix, GnomeWomen, RubyGirls and much more.

So I Just Created  a Open Document Presentation for Womez, here is it

GNU/Linux Installation Fest

I explained them about How to Install GNU/Linux and What are procedure may follow for that,


What are We Need before Installation A FreeSoftware Called Unetbootin, We must Shrink atleast 15-20GB of Harddisk Separately, a GNU/Linux Distro Iso file.

So I just Explained the Unetbootin Software procedure and GNU/Linux Installation Clearly in my Technical blogpost as Follows,

Using Unetbootin Software, Write the GNU/Linux Operating System (.iso File) to ur pendrive for Live booting or Installing Linux

How to Install GNU/Linux Operating System Procedure

So the Circle Groups are Again Separated into Several Teams, so we are 3 Volunteers We 3 Teach for a 5 Teams.

photo_2015-07-26_17-43-15 photo_2015-07-26_17-43-44 photo_2015-07-26_17-45-36

The Ultimate Aim of the INSTALLATION FEST is that “The New Contributors can use the Free Operating System, for a Free or Open Web, for any purpose, they can share with their friends, they can easily modify the source codes of their operating system.

All the Agendas are Over, So We Taken a Groupie Photo with All the Volunteers and especially with new Contributors


Thanks to Thamarai and Mugunthan For Coming from Chennai to Thiruvannamalai. Once again I Thanked them a Lot.

FSA Hosted this Meetup in Firefox Student Ambassador-Thiruvannamalai Community & in SKP GLUG is : Mohammed Adam

Total Number of Attendees are : 33

MDN’s 10th year Anniversary Celebration (10 Years of Mozilla Developer Network)

Mozilla Developer Network

Shared knowledge for the Open Web

Screenshot from 2015-07-21 18:39:04

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is an open and collaborative learning platform for Web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

MDN goes beyond providing essential coding information; it addresses developers’ needs through its supporting community of volunteer developers, with the aim of inspiring ideas, encouraging collaboration and ultimately, fostering the growth of the open Web. For a wide  range of Web developers, from learners to hobbyists to full‐time professionals, MDN provides useful explanations for coding practice, instructions on downloading and building code, articles on how the code works. It also gives guidance on how to build add‐ons for Mozilla applications and apps for Firefox OS, user‐submitted  runnable  demos  of  Web  technologies,  and  helpful  answers  on  development  planning and strategy.

Openness is central to MDN, in that anyone can create an account to edit the content, and anyone can copy and reuse the content, under its Creative Commons (Attribution‐Share‐Alike) license. Likewise, anyone can join in discussions about planning and task management, via publicly accessible tools. This openness has coalesced a community of volunteer contributors that extends far beyond the small staff who keep pace with the rapid release cycle of Mozilla’s flagship browser.

The online collaboration also manifests in face‐to‐face events such as monthly MDN‐focused meet‐ups in Mozilla’s London and Paris offices  (joined  by  a  video  conference  link),  and  other  ad‐hoc  gatherings  that  members  may  take initiative to throw.


Chronology or History of MDN in 10years :

2005: Mozilla obtained a license from AOL to use content from Netscape’s DevEdge site. The  DevEdge content was mined for still‐useful material, which was then migrated by volunteers into a wiki so it would be easier to update and maintain. The new wiki was launched in July 2005 as Mozilla Developer Center (MDC), also known as “devmo,” shorthand for its domain name, “”

2010:  The  name  was  changed  to  Mozilla  Developer  Network  (MDN),  reflecting  the  site’s growth into a nexus for all developer documentation related to the Mozilla Project and open web technologies.

2011: A “Demo Studio” section was added for web developers to share and show off their code, along with learning pages to provide links to tutorials.  

2014:  The  basic  learning  pages  have  been  expanded  into  “Learn  the  Web”  content  for beginning  web  developers,  including  a  web  terminology  glossary,  which  Mozilla  staff  and volunteers will continue to develop over the next few years.  


Okay, MDN is Cool and Awesome, Im Interested to Contribute in MDN,

What are the Ways I Can Contribute to MDN ???


Why Your Waiting ??? Start Contributing to MDN.

Join the MDN Community

Events: MDN community events

Got My First MDN Starter Openbadge from Mozilla

This badge recognizes a user’s first contribution to content on Mozilla Developer Network, which is helpful and constructive.

Screenshot from 2015-07-20 19:18:00

How I Got this Badge, Here is a Small Explanation of My Contribution in MDN

Updates to phone models in Firefox OS Phone Guide:,,

Firefox Student Ambassadors Program -Thiruvannamalai on July 19,2015

Last week of Sunday July12,2015, I made a Small MozillaMeetup with 40 New Contributors  in Atwell School Thiruvannamalai, Its about 1hour Meetup.

11716017_1607292129543444_1116652301_n  11720611_1607292232876767_1779285866_n  11736981_1607292086210115_817477358_n 11737107_1607292119543445_1070174080_n 11739668_1607292226210101_602367227_n 11748745_1607292109543446_2130380034_n11715836_1607292242876766_1459829701_n11720707_1607292166210107_1112657431_n

I Just Tell them about What is FreeSoftware, Mozilla, SearchEngine like Duckduckgo, Thatsit But not in detailed Manner. I Just Taken Some Groupies with New Contributors, so this is the First Meetup know so only. So the New Contributors Asked me “Adam Please Arrange Another Meetup Because We are Really more intrested in Mozilla” So i Decided to Make an Event or Program in Thiruvannamalai. So I just formed the Firefox Student Ambassadors-Thiruvannamalai Community.

Today July19,2015. The Students Made all the Arrangement for the Event. Because Im From Villupuram,Tamilnadu. So I want to Travel to Thiruvannamalai it just takes 2hours for the Journey. In this Week of Monday itself I tell them about Agenda’s of Firefox Student Ambassadors Program. I just Give a Task or Contest for the Students, To make a Poster for the FSA Event.


Ya this is the Poster Created by Navin that I had Selected. Nice and Awesome Poster he creates this poster in 1hour. So I gone to thiruvannamalai. First of all I congrates Navin to make this Awesome Poster by Giving Him a Book Called “Introduction to GCC” 


I tell the Students to Make a Projector to showing Some Slides or OpenDocument Presentations to them. But I Tell them to try to get projector its not complusion. But What can they do they try their Best. So Absence of projector in FSA Event.

“So What Adam can do Without Internet and Projector ???”

I thinked and Split the 33Students into 5Teams, Each team will have 1 or 2laptops. I Just Shared my ODP’s and PDF Files to them. So when I Explain a Concept they can  see the Contents in their Laptops Parallely. 

Here are the Team photos………………………

11694261_1609496332656357_964672885_n 11720714_1609496282656362_840641345_n 11751271_1609496415989682_1436216906_n 11756469_1609496432656347_2050704631_n 11759044_1609496489323008_790833043_n

So I Started the FSAEvent With More Energy,


1) I Begin the FSA Event with Detailed FreeSoftware Philosophy and its Freedoms in tamil. Why We going for FreeSoftware, What are benefits for using FreeSoftware etc. Here are the Slides

2) I tell them about How to Contribute in FreeSoftware and Mozilla, what are the Ways to Contact the Community of People. First we must join with the Community members or we can join in Mailing List or in IRC. How to Make a Documentation of self Learning By blogging Such Useful things, By Participating or Attending in events, Share with the Friends. here are the Slides

3) Next I Just Suggest the Students to Use GNU/Linux, And what are the GNU/Linux Distros or Distributions are Available in Internet & its Features. I Just Showed some of the Most GNU/Linux Environment. The Slides will Explain More

4) The Students Asked Me, how to Create a Blog. I Just Explained Blogging by Using WordPress. The Slides are,

5) Given an Introduction about Mozilla and its products with Firefox Student Ambassadors Program Structure and its Recognition System.

6) So they are Ready to Become a Firefox Student Ambassador Today, So to Recurit a FSA they must Contributed in any one of the Pathways. I Explained about GetInvolved in mozilla and What are the Contribution Ways in Mozilla.

7) Lets Contribute to MLS(Mozilla Location Service). I Just Explained about How to contribute by Using Mozilla Stumbler App.

Atlast I Distributed Some Swags and Some Books  to all the New Firefox Student Ambassadors and Taken Some Groupies with Each Teams.

11733287_1609496322656358_1890378326_n 11749383_1609496302656360_1940207518_n 11749642_1609496319323025_270073128_n 11756452_1609496289323028_987510235_n 11759397_1609496285989695_1496076226_n

The New Firefox Student Ambassadors of Thiruvannamalai Community, Made my Day Awesome. Because When I splitted the Group of Peoples into Teams, I Relased it just like a Hackathon Event Happened today. Very Surprising Event Without Internet and Projector. Without any Resource We made the Event More Successful.Once Again Thanks to New FSA’s.

FSA Handled this Event : Mohammed Adam

Total Number of Participants Attented the Event are : 33 Members

Getting Started On MDN


1) Search Mozilla Developer Network in Your SearchEngine like this,

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 21:34:37

2) Click this link Mozilla Developer Network, it will takes to the MDN Page.

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 21:44:38

3) First of all Know About MDN, & What is MDN & What does it Contain?

About MDN (Shared knowledge for the Open Web)

The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is an evolving learning platform for Web technologies and the software that powers the Web, including:

4) Okay, MDN is Useful for all Web-Development and also for other purposes too, So Im interested to Contribute in MDN, what to do?? Scroll Down the SamePage

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 21:08:43

5) In that Click “Getting Started” Tab, It Will Takes to Getting Started Page And Login with Persona or GitHub Account, So Only You can Contribute in MDN (: Im Using My GitHub Account to Login)

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 22:21:53

6)Pick a task to complete

These are the Possible Task to Do in MDN

Option 1:

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 21:17:28

 7) Option 2

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 21:17:59

8) Option 3

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 21:18:18

9) Option 4

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 21:18:36

10) Option 5

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 21:19:34

11) Im Choosing the task or Option to Creating a New Article About Firefox OS Devices. So I want to Go to Firefox OS Phone Guide

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 21:22:48

12) In that Page it consists of All Firefox OS phone Informations, So I want to add a new Article in that page, Go to Screenshot from 2015-07-10 22:38:13 and Select New Sub-page

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 21:23:33

13) The New Sub-page will Display Like this, I Adding the New Document or New Article Title like this “Alcatel one Touch pixi 3(3.5)”

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 21:24:45

14)  In that You can See the Text-editor View like  this , Start Writing your Article , But Wait Wait !!! You can Add images of FirefoxOsphones or text or Anything in that. But alignment of the Contents changes when preview or on publishing. SO I ganna Choosing Source Tab. Screenshot from 2015-07-10 22:49:25

Screenshot from 2015-07-09 18:33:18

15) In that Source, You can Add HTML tags to fix the Images or Text in a Fixed Position, So I Completed my Article.

Screenshot from 2015-07-09 19:18:05

16) So I want to Add the Tags to this Article, Categorize the article. It will make the article findable under the right filters in the search engine. Read the Tagging Guide.  

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 22:55:07

17) I want to Give Some Review Comments to this Article Like this

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 22:56:57

18) Tick the Review Needed, For Both Technical and Editorial part.

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 22:58:28

19) Attach Something with this article like Images etc.

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 23:01:25

20) When all writing Work finished Click SaveChanges to Publish the Article or PreviewChanges to view the Article without Changes or Discarding to Cancel the Article. (: Im Giving Save Changes to publish the Article)

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 23:02:28

21) The Article is Published in MDN, But It Needs the Technical Review and Editorial Review, What to do ??? Dont Panic, Technical Writer or Reviewer Can Complete this Task &Fix the error or Bugs in this pageScreenshot from 2015-07-09 19:25:28

22) When all the Technical and Editorial Reviews are Over, the Article is officially Added or Published in MDN of FirefoxOs Phoneguides page like this,

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 23:09:30

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 23:13:32

This is the Link to My Article, Check Out Alcatel OneTouch Pixi3(3.5)

23) Do the task

Once you’ve decided what kind of task you want to do, find a specific page, code example, etc. to work on, and just do it!

Don’t worry about doing it perfectly; other MDN contributors are here to help fix errors that slip through. If you have questions as you go, see the Community page for info on mailing lists and chat channels where you can get answers. 

24) Join the MDN community, to join, to discuss, to chat with MDN Developers in IRC

Screenshot from 2015-07-10 23:20:01

My Experience In MozCoffee Chennai Event on July5, 2015

MozCoffee Chennai

This is the Second MozCoffee Event for me, First of all Thanks to Vigneshwer , He only Motivated me in Several Constraints when Contributing to Mozilla. And He Only shared the Information About the Event. And I gone to Meet the Mozillians like me in Chennai.

About the MozCoffee Chennai Event


This Meetup will Gather all  new Mozilla enthusiasts, volunteers,FSA’s in and around Chennai. This event will focus on planning upcoming events of local community,community development and other related areas. 

When I Started My Journey with My Friend Jagadesh From Villupuram, I tweeted Like this, So Only All people or my Friends Can Know, Oh there is a Mozilla Event is Happening in Chennai…!!!!  

Screenshot from 2015-07-09 20:41:24

So the MozCoffeeChennai Event is Happened  in McDonald’s, I dont gone for McDonald’s before, it is the First Time I gone.This is I Searched When on Journey.McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across 35,000 outlets.


I was More Excited to See  Mozillians in Chennai. So All the Mozillians Came to Meetup, Before the Event Starting, Vigneshwer Tells “Wait Wait we will Congratulate Adam, being a Active & Enthusiastic Contributor in Villupuram and  also for BestTweet for the Event.


I was so surprised to get My First Mozillian T-shirt from Vigneshwer. I Said “Thanku ThankuVerymuch” I Dont Have Words to Say, Because this is the First Time Im Seeing them all, But they Know more about me. I think that time, there is GOD who will recognising me each and everytime.

So Coming to the Event,

1) MozCoffee Started with “Introduce Yourself”

The Mozillians are Vigneshwer, Karthikeyan, NareshKumar, BharathVijay, Venkatesh, Jagadesh And Me.


2) Setting up  a  community

Naresh and Vigneshwer Telling about how Can we Make a Community in Colleges, or in Cities like MozillaClubs. Making a Meetups twice a Month like. So by this we can Spread the web literacy easily.


3) Brainstorming on community development. 

How Can We Recurit a NewContributor or FSA, How can We build  the Firefox Clubs in Colleges, How to Maintain or Manages the FirefoxClubs.what are the Resources can be required for that. How a Community Work can be?, In India or Tamilnadu there are many Communities are there, Why we are Promoting the Mozilla? Because Mozilla will promoting the Openess, Innovation, opportunity, to learn the skills in the Openweb, Explore skills and build it in Open or Running Environment. So He/she get Rewarded by Mozilla.

4) Networking and knowing members in the community

They Tells about Mozillians Tamilnadu Community, and also about Weeks of Contribution(Woc). How to participate in the Weeks of Contribution, which part of you like can contribute, Ideas from Each person can Specialized. For the New Contributors across Tamilnadu, Mading Some Videos, Presentations and Blogs to know the idea of contribution Clearly. So by IRC or Mailinglist they can ask doubts in that.

5) RoadMap or Planning on upcoming events and schedule for next meetup.

What can we do next, what are the upcoming events in Tamilnadu, where can we host, which can we host, what is the schedule for next meetup we discussed

6) Had Some Crispy Snacks and Chill  Cokes with all Mozillians


7) Taken More Selfies,Groupies with Mozilla Swags 

img_20150612_195126 img_20150612_192010 11659493_815117168596153_5042924888946758659_n 11694055_1604782949794362_1470854516_n 11714362_1604782886461035_1712172422_n 11720638_1604782869794370_2001254531_n 11721167_1604782893127701_1835343930_n 11722015_1604782909794366_1659721720_n photo_2015-07-05_22-39-09 photo_2015-07-05_22-39-23

That was a Great day to me. All Mozillians made the day Awesome.Had a Great Time on #MozCoffeeChennai‬ Event. I Felt So Surprised to See all the ‪#‎Mozillians‬ around ‪#‎Chennai‬, And I got My ‪#‎First‬ ‪#‎MozillaTShirt‬ from ‪#‎MozilliansTamilnadu‬ ‪#‎Community‬ for the ‪#‎Active‬ ‪#‎Contribution‬ in ‪#‎Villupuram‬, OnceAgain Thanks to All Mozillians who made this day Awesome For me.