My Experience In MozCoffee Chennai Event on July5, 2015

MozCoffee Chennai

This is the Second MozCoffee Event for me, First of all Thanks to Vigneshwer , He only Motivated me in Several Constraints when Contributing to Mozilla. And He Only shared the Information About the Event. And I gone to Meet the Mozillians like me in Chennai.

About the MozCoffee Chennai Event


This Meetup will Gather all  new Mozilla enthusiasts, volunteers,FSA’s in and around Chennai. This event will focus on planning upcoming events of local community,community development and other related areas. 

When I Started My Journey with My Friend Jagadesh From Villupuram, I tweeted Like this, So Only All people or my Friends Can Know, Oh there is a Mozilla Event is Happening in Chennai…!!!!  

Screenshot from 2015-07-09 20:41:24

So the MozCoffeeChennai Event is Happened  in McDonald’s, I dont gone for McDonald’s before, it is the First Time I gone.This is I Searched When on Journey.McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across 35,000 outlets.


I was More Excited to See  Mozillians in Chennai. So All the Mozillians Came to Meetup, Before the Event Starting, Vigneshwer Tells “Wait Wait we will Congratulate Adam, being a Active & Enthusiastic Contributor in Villupuram and  also for BestTweet for the Event.


I was so surprised to get My First Mozillian T-shirt from Vigneshwer. I Said “Thanku ThankuVerymuch” I Dont Have Words to Say, Because this is the First Time Im Seeing them all, But they Know more about me. I think that time, there is GOD who will recognising me each and everytime.

So Coming to the Event,

1) MozCoffee Started with “Introduce Yourself”

The Mozillians are Vigneshwer, Karthikeyan, NareshKumar, BharathVijay, Venkatesh, Jagadesh And Me.


2) Setting up  a  community

Naresh and Vigneshwer Telling about how Can we Make a Community in Colleges, or in Cities like MozillaClubs. Making a Meetups twice a Month like. So by this we can Spread the web literacy easily.


3) Brainstorming on community development. 

How Can We Recurit a NewContributor or FSA, How can We build  the Firefox Clubs in Colleges, How to Maintain or Manages the FirefoxClubs.what are the Resources can be required for that. How a Community Work can be?, In India or Tamilnadu there are many Communities are there, Why we are Promoting the Mozilla? Because Mozilla will promoting the Openess, Innovation, opportunity, to learn the skills in the Openweb, Explore skills and build it in Open or Running Environment. So He/she get Rewarded by Mozilla.

4) Networking and knowing members in the community

They Tells about Mozillians Tamilnadu Community, and also about Weeks of Contribution(Woc). How to participate in the Weeks of Contribution, which part of you like can contribute, Ideas from Each person can Specialized. For the New Contributors across Tamilnadu, Mading Some Videos, Presentations and Blogs to know the idea of contribution Clearly. So by IRC or Mailinglist they can ask doubts in that.

5) RoadMap or Planning on upcoming events and schedule for next meetup.

What can we do next, what are the upcoming events in Tamilnadu, where can we host, which can we host, what is the schedule for next meetup we discussed

6) Had Some Crispy Snacks and Chill  Cokes with all Mozillians


7) Taken More Selfies,Groupies with Mozilla Swags 

img_20150612_195126 img_20150612_192010 11659493_815117168596153_5042924888946758659_n 11694055_1604782949794362_1470854516_n 11714362_1604782886461035_1712172422_n 11720638_1604782869794370_2001254531_n 11721167_1604782893127701_1835343930_n 11722015_1604782909794366_1659721720_n photo_2015-07-05_22-39-09 photo_2015-07-05_22-39-23

That was a Great day to me. All Mozillians made the day Awesome.Had a Great Time on #MozCoffeeChennai‬ Event. I Felt So Surprised to See all the ‪#‎Mozillians‬ around ‪#‎Chennai‬, And I got My ‪#‎First‬ ‪#‎MozillaTShirt‬ from ‪#‎MozilliansTamilnadu‬ ‪#‎Community‬ for the ‪#‎Active‬ ‪#‎Contribution‬ in ‪#‎Villupuram‬, OnceAgain Thanks to All Mozillians who made this day Awesome For me.