Followup Meetup in Firefox Student Ambassadors-Thiruvannamalai & in SKP GLUG

The Day Started for Me is Super, It Just a Musical Journey From Villupuram to Thiruvannamalai its about 2hours of Travelling in Bus


Last Week only I Finished the Firefox Student Ambassador Program in Thiruvannamalai. So I want to meet the new Contributors and Fellow them so they can Improve the Knowledge and Technical Skills in FreeSoftware Technology. But I Dont made the Meetup, the Student or NewContributors itself asked to me like ” Please Adam bro make nextmeetup to know more about Freesoftware and mozilla”. So I think that they are More Interested to  Learn more new things, why cant I Sacrifice my Sunday’s with them. Its not about Sacrificing, its Sharing the Knowledge with them and Also Improving the Speaking skills or Leadership Skills with them. So I Invited 2volunteers(“Thamarai & Mugunthan”) from FSFTN for Helping me in the Meetup, so they can explain more than me.

And the Meetup Poster was Created & Designed  by the NewContributors only

Mozilla 3 photo_2015-07-26_18-52-17

Today’s Meetup Agends are:

1) FreeSoftware Philosophy & its Freedoms

2) GNU/Linux Installation Fest

3) Women in FreeSoftware Technology

4) A Talk about Community Building

So on Lastweek of Event, I have made the Group of Peoples into Separate 5 Teams, So Today We make the peoples into Circle(: its looks like Round table Conference)

photo_2015-07-26_17-43-27 photo_2015-07-26_17-43-34


FreeSoftware Philosophy & Community Building  taken by Mugunthan


He Talk about lot of things. He Just Covered Freedoms of Freesoftware, Who invented GNU/Linux, Why We Going to Freesoftware instead of Properitary Softwares, Freesoftware Licenses like GPL, Creative Commons, He just Clearly Explain how a CommunityMay be, what are the activities can be run in a Community, what are the Cause and effect of community by a normal people.

I Just done a slides a Year Before for Freesoftware, So here is the Slides for that

Women In Free Software Technology by Thamarai


I Just ask her to explain Women in FreeSoftware Technology Becoz More Women Contributors in Thiruvannamalai, Why they need that topic, they were boys also why specifically womens, Thamarai is Contributing to SWIFT, RubyGirls etc. So I can also explain about Womez, when Im saying means they taken as a topic only, so when an Women can explain means, they can inspire on her thoughts becoz she is a Great contributor & FreeSoftware Activist since 2011.

She Just Tells about Why Separate sessions for Womens, For Freedom of Speech, Encouragement, Awareness, Motivation, Come Forward like Leader, there is a shocking statistics when compared to men they all are contributing in 95%, but Womens contribution is only 5%. Why this situvation happens, how the Society is seeing the womens, male domination, no one knows? , hard to Get Involved, Self doubts and lack of confidence, Unwanted attention(OMG GirL).

She Clearly Explains what are the Ways Can Womens can Contribute in FreeSoftware Technology like Womez, Ubuntu Women, SWIFT, PHP Women, Debain Women, Drupal Chix, Linux Chix, GnomeWomen, RubyGirls and much more.

So I Just Created  a Open Document Presentation for Womez, here is it

GNU/Linux Installation Fest

I explained them about How to Install GNU/Linux and What are procedure may follow for that,


What are We Need before Installation A FreeSoftware Called Unetbootin, We must Shrink atleast 15-20GB of Harddisk Separately, a GNU/Linux Distro Iso file.

So I just Explained the Unetbootin Software procedure and GNU/Linux Installation Clearly in my Technical blogpost as Follows,

Using Unetbootin Software, Write the GNU/Linux Operating System (.iso File) to ur pendrive for Live booting or Installing Linux

How to Install GNU/Linux Operating System Procedure

So the Circle Groups are Again Separated into Several Teams, so we are 3 Volunteers We 3 Teach for a 5 Teams.

photo_2015-07-26_17-43-15 photo_2015-07-26_17-43-44 photo_2015-07-26_17-45-36

The Ultimate Aim of the INSTALLATION FEST is that “The New Contributors can use the Free Operating System, for a Free or Open Web, for any purpose, they can share with their friends, they can easily modify the source codes of their operating system.

All the Agendas are Over, So We Taken a Groupie Photo with All the Volunteers and especially with new Contributors


Thanks to Thamarai and Mugunthan For Coming from Chennai to Thiruvannamalai. Once again I Thanked them a Lot.

FSA Hosted this Meetup in Firefox Student Ambassador-Thiruvannamalai Community & in SKP GLUG is : Mohammed Adam

Total Number of Attendees are : 33