Firefox Student Ambassadors-Thiruvannamalai Blogs

These Blogpost will Contains the New Firefox Student Ambassadors, who attended the Mozilla Meetups and Firefox Student Ambassadors Program in Thiruvannamalai Hosted by Mohammed Adam.

| Name|                  |Blogpost Links|

1) Gayathiri,

2) Vasanth,

3) Navin,

4) DivyaShree

5) Abirami

6) Gowrish

7) Mani             –,

8) Indhumathi,

9) Jayaselan         –,

10) Salai NalVetham

11) Srilekha         –

12) Sruthi

13) Gowtham

Due to lack of Internet, the Newbies or New FSA’s havent written their own Blogs, So Im Waiting for them when their Share their blog with their Interest in Mozilla.


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