FSA Campaign Challenge


FSA  Campaign Challenge

My Upcoming Events in  September,

The Main Aim or Goal of the Challenge is to Making a Awareness about Mozilla Firefox to all the Internet Users & to All students in Several Cities and Changing or Switching to Firefox as a Default Browser for all Operating System like Windows10, Linux etc. and to which students or Particpants have Interested to Contributing in Mozilla Can By Recuriting as Firefox Student Ambassadors.

Agenda’s are:

1) Brief Introduction about Mozilla & its Products

2) Switching Firefox as a Default Browser for all OperatingSystems like Windows10, Linux and ShowingCasing More Addons &Themes  etc.

Screenshot from 2015-08-14 11:46:25


3) Firefox for Android


4) Webmaker for Android


5) Making Cool Staffs using Webmaker for Android (Regarding FSA Campaign Challenges)

6) Telling them About Firefox Friends & FSA(Firefox Student Ambassadors)


7) Giving Guide Gave Away( Giving Awesome Swags & Pamplets for all the attendees or participants & to all the Public People)

This Events or Challenges can be run across Vilupram, Thiruvannamalai, Mailam, etc.

This Event Cannot be Run in a Particular day but it can be Occured in the (Septemeber) month(Saturdays and Sundays) because of Making a Events in Several Places of Tamilnadu & Pondicheery.

Expecting  Number of Attendees are : 150-200

Venues are :

Vilupuram – jeevika Academy

Thiruvannamalai AtWell School  (A Place for Firefox Student Ambassadors- Thiruvannamalai Community)

Mailam Mailam Engineering College

FSA  Handling the Events is Mohammed Adam


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