FSA Campaign Challenge in MEC Firefox Club on Sept 10&11,2015

After a Longtime, Im Going to Write a Blogpost about Mozilla Event in My College. Hi this is Adam FSA and Clublead in MEC Firefox Club. For a Year I requested  my College Management to Conduct a Mozilla Event by me. But they Refused to give the Chance to me. I was more disappointed. They I Contributed More and More to Mozilla. When I Got FSA OF THE MONTH Recognition by Mozilla. I Proved myself and My contributions towards Mozilla to My college. Then They give a Post to as PRESIDENT OF MEC FIREFOX CLUB


My First Advice to new Contributors is to Learn fully, Contribute More then Make an huge Event, got Recognition or Proof of Identification from Mozilla then request the College management. Because most of the Colleges expect proofs to execute such things like Building Community etc.


I just invited more members for MEC Firefox Club they are more interested to Learn More things about OpenSource and Mozilla. So the College Management arranged       2 Faculty mentors for Our MEC Firefox Club (Mrs.Pradeepa and Mrs.Jayapriya).

The Mentors of MEC Firefox Club automatically Schedules an 2day events for the 2ndyear and 3rdyear Computer Science and Engineering Students on September 10&11. I already told to them about to make Sessions for them, So I Requested  Swags from mozilla on august and I received before the event day itself on September 9.


2days of Event for 2nd and 3rdyear Students Combingly Im writing, What Can be done and what can be happen in 2days of Event Hosted by me.


I Pleased to Welcome them with Free Software Philosophy!


I Explain them about What are FreeSoftwares, How it is differ from Freewares, what are the Freedoms of FreeSoftwares, Free as in Freedom, Free as in Free Speech not Free Coffee. 


I Showed Some of the FreeSoftware Videos and OpenAccess Video of Aaron Swartz

photo_2015-09-11_06-34-28 photo_2015-09-11_06-34-32

I explained them about FreeCulture, Like Close Windows, Open doors to way to knowledge. And I tell them About what are Organisations and who are using the Freesoftwares in the Universe 



I Started a Small Story that, Why nowadays Engineers Not Getting a Job, How a Computer Engineer Should be, How He was Seen by all the Livingbeings or By Society like


Copy and Paste Technology are Running in this world, So the Engineers not Developing their technical skills. they been an endusers or a product to anyone. But Engineers are Makers, hackers, Coders, Developers and Geeks.


Then I  tell them About Mozilla Project, how it is Grown, how it is been a best browser in the universe.


I explained them about what are the Mozilla Products recently relased like Mozilla Stumbler, Webmaker for Android, firefox for Android, thunderbird, firefox hello, pockets, addons etc.

I tell them About Firefox Os, How it is More Smarter than Other Os like Android or Windows os etc. I tell them about Firefox Os devices are launched in india in 2014 itself, it can be in launched in Tv’s like Panasonic, Gear and its future enhacement is Washing machine. Showed the Smart video of Firefox OS



Introduction to Firefox Student Ambassadors Program, who we are , what we do, why we rock, why join to FSA. What are the Criteria’s to Join FSA Program, is that he/she must be 18years completed and a student or staff thatsit.


Doing a Meaningful work is the FSA’s mean Goal not the Swags are important. I Detaily Explained them about the Program Structure, then how it is Working in Realtime


I Detaily Explained them about How Mozilla Will Seize the volunteer Opportunities to help the people to Shape their career by getting the Experience on working towards Contributions.


So the FSA can host an Event, how he can Contribute in Different pathways in Mozilla. He/She can contribute in their Interested Pathways like L10, MDN , QA, Webmaker, Coding, Webdevelopment, Addons Development etc.


I Teach them about How to Connect with IRC(Internet Relay Chat), How to Create a Blog, How to be Connected with the Communities using Mailinglist


Atlast I Finishedup with What we are the FSA of MEC Firefox Club, what can do in Upcoming days, By Creating Events, Meetups, Public Outreach like SFD(Software Freedom Day), Womez, Contributions towards SpecificPathways, like that etc.


This is the First Time Im Taking a Session or Made an Event in my College, I Got Bunch of Cool Feedbacks from my Juniors, they Given me a Great Applause, All Staffs also thanked me and blessed me like ” Adam You have bright future like that”  I Said that “Thanku mam whoever the peoples seen my daytoday life they telling these words only mam”  And I Distributed Some Swags to All my Juniors. All things are Gone well, I Got good Credits. And the Good Thing I Released is My Juniors learnt new things apart from their Academic Subjects.


Total Number of Students Attended Event is : 190

FSA Handled the Event : Mohammed Adam

Social Media Page : Facebook EventPage


Webmaker For Android ( Easy Way to participate in the OpenWeb)

Mozilla is a non-profit organization and these open-source tools are created by a global community. They will always be 100% freenow and forever!

Screenshot from 2015-08-18 15:03:21

 We all use the web in different ways. Mozilla is dedicated to helping you build a web that’s relevant to your friends, family, business or community.

“There’s no better way to learn the mechanics and culture of the web than by playing around and hacking it in a safe, fun environment.” – Lifehacker

Ok Lets  See how How Webmaker for Android Can Works,

First of all Download the Webmaker for Android from Google Playstore,Then Follow the Steps to use Webmaker.


1) I Installed my Webmaker App in My Mobile, I need to open the App 


2) If your a New User You need to Signup with Webmaker, To create an Account in webmaker you need to give Username, EmailID, Password.


3) Signing In to Webmaker You Can See Many Cool projects Created many Internet Users, Volunteers etc., in the “DISCOVER” tab. There are many Useful and Interesting Projects that are used for learning newthings and you can also share and Remix the existing projects. 


4) I Wanted to make my own New project to Share with this World, So Im Clicking the “MAKE” tab. In that Click “Create a Project” button. 


5) The New Project will shows the blank page like this, In that pencil like button to add intresting things.


6) Click the ” + ” Button


7) It will shows three tabs to add Text, Images and Buttons like this


8) Im gonna add Text for a Page, Click the left Aa tab. It Will Shows like this, 

Click the Right tab, to Edit your Text 


9) Edit Your Own Text, You can give Font Styles, Font Color,

You can also Bold,Italic and Underline you text characters

10) You can Also use Your native Languages, to Edit Your Text. So Im Using TAMIL Language for Fonts.


11) Next Im gonna Add Buttons for the Pages, Click the Right tab.


12) It will shows a Button like this, you can Edit the Button for the Start and Destination of the pages, So it is helpful for toggling the pages while playing the Project.


13) You can Edit the Button Label(name), change the button size or shape, change the color of Button.




14) When You Finished Editing Your Button, Set the Destination of Your Page for the Project. So Click “Set Link Destination” button. You can Set the Destination for the Pages or You can change the Destination Wherever You like,




15) Next Im Going to Add Images for my project, Click the Center Tab, You can Take Photo or You can Select from the Gallery.




16) Okay, Project is Finished, Now Explore it, Click the “:” button for “Play, Settings, Share”


17) Im Going to Play my Project, Click the > button to moving between pages.


18) In the Settings Tab, You can Edit You project Name, You can also see the Creative Commons License to share, adapt, remix your projects by other peoples.


19) In the Share Tab, You can share Your project with Friends and to the World.


Cool 🙂 Now its Your time To Create Your Own Projects, I Discovered Many Projects like Making a food, What are Computers, Technical Works, Vacation, Photography, Playing a Guitar etc. So You can also Share Your Learning Experience, to Share with the World Using Webmaker For Android.