Introduction to Bug and Bugzilla

What is a Bugzilla?


Bugzilla is a web-based general-purpose bugtracker and testing tool originally developed and used by the Mozilla project, and licensed under the Mozilla Public License.

Released as open-source software by Netscape Communications in 1998, it has been adopted by a variety of organizations for use as a bug tracking system for both free and open-source software and proprietary projects and products.

The UserInterface of Bugzilla Looks Like this,

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What is Bug?

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How a Bug is Found?

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A Bug’s Life

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How a Bug’s Life Cycle Works?

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Meet BugZilla

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Its a World’s Pick BugManager

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Who are the Bugzilla Users?

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What sorts of things can get filed as bugs?

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Features of Bugzilla

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A Bugs Life by Bugzilla

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Mechanism To Be Followed for Bugs

Bug Verfication

Bug verification is done to verify that bugs are properly fixed and to check that the fixes don’t yield any new issues. This is a very important part of the QA work and one of the more challenging areas of community involvement.

Triaging Bugs

Bug Triaging is the process of moving bugs logically from state to state, so they get resolved in an efficient and easy-to-comprehend manner. In Mozilla, QA must not only test and then file their own bugs, but must also help harness the incoming flow of community bugs for valid problems.

Confirming Unconfirmed Bugs

Bugs from new bug reporters will initially have the status UNCONFIRMED. To move a bug from UNCONFIRMED to NEW, we need your help to verify that the bug is valid. A bug can be moved from UNCONFIRMED to NEW

How to report a bug -Some Bug Writing Guidelines


Exploratory Testing on Moztrap

What is Moztrap?

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MozTrap is a web application, that should simplify the supply of tests for software in a cooperative way. Along with software life cycle, it suggests test cases documents, that can be run by several testers using different locales and operating systems. The results of those tests can be recorded and reported in MozTrap with a few fairly simple steps. for this complicated ComputerSkills are not Required. 

What is Exploratory Testing? 

Exploratory testing is an approach to software testing that is concisely described as simultaneous learning, test design and test execution.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 13:41:25

Exploratory testing is a great way to get introduced to doing QA. The purpose of exploratory testing is to find bugs. It’s a process of *exploring* the app as a user might. The term ‘exploratory testing’ has come to mean different things to different people. In this case it is a test approach where the tester seeks to find out how the software works, and asks questions on behalf of the users. The goal is to find bugs where the software does not work as expected, or does not work as a user might expect it to.

Okay, Lets Start Our Test Using Moztrap  for that, Follow the Steps Below,

1) First Goto Moztrap, Web Application.

2) Sign in With Persona Account

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 12:54:09

3) After Signing In with Persona Account, It will shows like this

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 12:54:37

4) Okay I want to Run tests so, I gonna Choose the Products like Desktop Firefox and Select a Specific Version for it (eg: version 40)

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 12:56:52

5) After that it shows three TestCases, So choose the first one from the following.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 12:57:57

6) So I Choosen like[e10s] Reading List & Reader View, After that setup the values for the run test

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 12:58:25

7) For the Build , I want to Give the Build Number of My Firefox Desktop what im using it in Current for the test. So for that, I will give “about:support” in the Newtab of URL

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 12:59:138) It will shows something like this, in this page it has name,version,buildId, and all kinds of information related to the Desktop Firefox which you have using.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 13:00:03

9) Copy the BuildID and Paste it in Runtest Values, fill the othervalues too like which operating system bit you work on like 32 bit or 64 bit. Give Your Platform name (eg: BuildID: 20150807095236, OperatingSystem:Linux 32-bit, platform: Linux) And Click the Greenbutton to run tests for that.

 Screenshot from 2015-10-15 13:00:49

10) It Will take to you to this Page, It has many Testcases for that Specific Tasks which are pending by the Order Number.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 13:01:33

11) So Im Selecting the First One, it will shows some sequences of procedure to be followed to complete the testcases.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 13:02:56

12) In that Proceed all the testcases, if anyone does not work or fails to work  click the FailStep button of the Specific testcase

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 13:06:00

13) It will Shows like this, Give explaination results of the steps, or if you found any bug on the step give the url of related bug, And Click the Submit Failure button.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 13:07:54

14)Atlast,  If you finish all the testcases of the specific task , if the test is pass click the Passtest, or if the test is invalid or unclear click the yellow button, or if the test is blocked click the pink button as shown below.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 13:15:14

So these are Some Basics Steps for Exploratory Testing on Moztrap, for More Information Follow the Below Links:

1) Moztrap/UserGuide

2) Getting Started with ManualTesting

3) Explorating Testing

One and Done for QA begineers in Mozilla

What is One and Done?

Got a Few Minutes?

Sign in to One and Done – Mozilla’s newest QA tool. Easily find a task and do it! You can pick any available task and start work right away.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 11:19:15

One and Done gives users a wide variety of ways to contribute to Mozilla. You can pick an easy task that only takes a few minutes – or take on a bigger challenge. This includes working on manual testing, automation, bug verification, mobile testing and more. Tasks are from a variety of Mozilla teams – so you can get involved with Desktop Firefox, Firefox for Android, Firefox OS, General, Web QA, Cloud Services QA, Thunderbird, Firefox Nightly and more.

Ok Lets Contribute to One and Done in Mozilla QA

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 11:17:29

1) First What can I do, Go to One and Done , Sign in with Mozilla Persona Account.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 11:17:32

2) It will List all kinds of Tasks of activities for all the Products in mozilla.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 11:17:34

3) Search for the Task, it will shows the estimated minutes for the tasks, So Im going with Firefox Desktop.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 11:17:36

4) So I Chosen the Task like Install the Nightly Version of Firefox Desktop, Follow the Steps in the task.  Click the “GET Started” Button to do the Task

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 11:17:39

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 11:41:12

5) The Steps in Task is Download the version of Nightly, setup Multiple versions of Firefox with multiple profiles, Start Nightly with a New profile (For a New Profile you can Type in terminal like firefox -P), Try Running a Current release of firefox with Nightly at the Sametime, Thats it Done.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 11:17:41

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 11:38:40

6) Submit Your Feedback so what you get while running on the task, Submit Your Feedback with how much time you done the task it also should be mentioned with it. If there is Any bug in Nightly please file it or Confirm or Triage the bug in Bugzilla. If there is any Queries connect with IRC #qa 

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 11:17:43

These is an Example of running the Task or Test the products in a Procedure, So there are so many tasks in One and done, contribute to it. And Make the Firefox More Better.

What Makes a Good QA Engineer?

First thing What is Quality Assurance?

According to Software: 

Software quality assurance consists of a means of monitoring the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality. The methods by which this is accomplished are many and varied, and may include ensuring conformance to one or more standards, such as ISO 9000 or a model such as CMMI.

SQA encompasses the entire software development process, which includes processes such as requirements definition, software design, coding, source code control, code reviews, software configuration management, testing, release management, and product integration. SQA is organized into goals, commitments, abilities, activities, measurements, and verifications.

Ok So Who is an Real Quality Assurance Engineer?

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 10:12:15

What a QA Engineer Does ?

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 10:13:22

Wait Until You Hear This…

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 10:13:42

1) Broad Understanding of the Product

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 10:14:01

2) Effective Communication

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 10:14:19

3) Creativity

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 10:14:38

4) Development Knowledge

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 10:14:59

What an QA Contributor in Mozilla can do?

There are lot of pathways were newcontributors can do One and done, Moztrap  Bugzilla for all Bug Reporting, Triaging the bugs, Confirming the unconfirmed bugs etc. There are lot of Testing also like Manual Testing, Exploratory Testing, Automation Testing, Test cases for the Products like Firefox Desktop, Firefox for Android, Firefox Os and for all Products etc.

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 10:15:49

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 10:16:14

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 10:16:31

Screenshot from 2015-10-15 10:16:47

These is a Small Overview of how a QA Engineer can do their task in this world in Software Fields.