Install 2.5 Developer Preview (b2gDroid) on your Android Device

Firefox OS is one of Mozilla’s revolutionary project that still is on developing process. Many developers, QA Engineers are still working to bring more satisfactory features and facilities toward open-source lover. But unfortunately, MOST of the developers don’t have the Firefox OS device to participate on developing. So in order to do so, the community has figure out another way to make available to contribute on this open-source project.

“Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview” is an experimental app that lets you use Firefox OS on your android phone. Here, I’m going to share A-Z procedure of how to install Developer Preview on your Android phone.

Note: Since I’m using ‘Huawei y5c’ device, some steps may be vary on other Android Device. So, It would be best to figure out those steps by yourself. :)


First, download ‘Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview’ apk file.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.01.48


After downloading, take the apk file to phone. Go to ‘file manager’, click on downloaded apk file and then press ‘Install’. It’ll take time to install.



When the whole installation process is done, press ‘Done’ and exit from file manager.Screenshot_2015-12-21-18-31-41 (copy)


Now here comes the tricky one! How to activate fxOS dev Preview?

  1. Go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Then go to ‘Home Screen Style’.
  3. Select the other theme and press ‘Apply’.

Screenshot from 2015-12-21 11:37:49

You’ll face an option to select a home app. click ‘Firefox OS developer preview’ and press ‘Just Once’.

Screenshot_2015-12-20-23-12-05And then, your Firefox OS 2.5 environment is ready on your Android Device. No need to buy or collect Firefox OS mobile device.

Screenshot from 2015-12-21 11:31:24

How to switch back to your original home screen?
Now, when you’ll be on developer preview, just scroll down and go to ‘settings’. There’ll be two settings(one is Firefox OS’s and other is Android’s), click on Android’s settings.

Screenshot from 2015-12-21 11:26:12

Then again follow Step-4.

That’s it!! a very simple procedure about installing and preparing your Android Device into Firefox OS. With this, you can now explore, test some features, find bugs, file bugs on bugzilla and contribute with global community.

Happy Contributing.. :)


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