MozDay at Maker Summit, Shaastra 2016 [IIT Madras]

As part of Shaastra 2016, we’re setting up a Mozilla Booth at IIT Madras. There will also be a talk as a part of their Maker Summit on the lines of: -Free and Open Source Software -Mozilla & various Contribution pathways -Talk on User Online privacy -Demo with Lightbeam addon on Firefox browser -FSA program -Mozilla Clubs -Web literacy and Webmaker App Other content yet to be decided upon!

Abhiram is a Presence Organizer for the Maker Summit in Shaastra-2016. But He is Unavaiable in India because he Gone to Singapore Leadership Summit-2016. so There is in Need of volunteers and Organizers.
So Vigneshwar(REP) and Karthic(RAL) Planned, and We also Discussed more. So I have taken the Banner and MozillaCloth with MyBrother Asar.  And We both Reach IITMADRAS at 10Am Sharply
Then I Reached the Shaastra-2016 Place inside IIT Madras, We I Meet Karthikeyan, Ravi, Dinesh from Trupathi, Vigneshwar from Bangalore.
MozStall from 9-2PM and wth lots and lots of visitors. We had school kids, college students, Working proffessionals, Homemakers who were eager to know more about us.
We also had a Closed Talk Session between 3-5PM with around 50 participants shared a lot about Mozilla’s, its mission, privacy,FOSS & webmaker,firefoxos.
Around 100 – 150 visits .. 7 volunteers .. 20+ fsa recuirted and community leads .. 25 + webmaker downloads .. Used the template of Brain in the mozilla wiki .
Atlast We taken an Awesome Selfies
Byee to IITMADRAS, Meetagain Another Day, Bye to my Dear Mozillians, Thanks Abhiram, Karthic and Vigneshwar for Inviting Me. Thanks.

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