My Career begins with Solartis

Hi This is Mohammed Adam, after a Longtime I gonna Continuing my Blog, with second part of myLife, “Second Partnu Solratha vida ippo than Ennoda Lifea Start panniruken as a Computer Science Engineer. In 4years of Engineering I Learnt So many things like Public Speaking, Technical oriented skills, Community Building, Activist(FSFTN), Organizer, FSA, Mozillian, Content Writer, QA Contributor, President(MEC FIrefox Club),  Student Ambassador(Mozilla), Campus Ambassador(Pennyful)… Its goes on….  Though I Completed my college Life

கல்லூரி காலம்


Oru Best Engineer for College, Best Student for Stuffs, Oru thangamagan for Parents ippadi than na irunthein. College Campusla nariya companies vanthanga but enaku entha companyum pudikala, becoz na Selfa poi enaku pudicha companyla na select aganumnu aasai paten. But ennala evalavu mudiyumo antha alavuku Search panen, but oru 3daysla na sonthu poiten, ellathukum Failure than karanam, ennoda lifela evalavo Fail agiruken ithalaam summa sample thana, So I Proceed my process by reading some Motivation Quotes, Charlie Chaplin videos, Thala Ajith kumar Interviews, Reading Some books  like that. Becoz Whenever I feel Fails I will Listen to these kind of things.



Lifela Friends illama, Yarume illama, Parents Support matum than ennoda lifela irunthanga. Becoz Collge finish agituchuna, Friends will fly in their own wings.


 100% I will Agree with the Above Quotes. It Will Teaches the BEST LESSONS OF LIFE.

After that I Learnt How To See the World, Many Scientist Earth Rounda iruku or It looks like Flatnu Sonnaga, but My concept on Earth is “Individual Way of Looking” . So 180 degreela than ella manitharkalum paapanga , athu 360degreela patha differenta irukum like virtualreality mathiri Covering full views of Particular Location. Samugathula namba Paarvai apadi theliva  irukanumna We must Read some books.


So Its Your Choice “How to Look at the World”.

With these kinds of Internal Motivational Thougts Im Searching for a Job. Oneday I seen a Post for a Job like Vacancy for Operation Associates in Solartis in DLF IT PARK, Ramapuram,Chennai. Its like Walkins in Solartis. but in the Same day Im having a Written Test in ZOHO Corporation at 4pm.  Okay I just think it out so I decided to Attend the Interview on May8 Morning. I reached the DLF IT PARK


First Time, It feels for all engineers work panna ithu mathiri IT Parkla work pannanum, like that I had a Spark in my mind. There is Around 350 Students arrived for that interview. I just Shocked ivalavu crowda apo job kidacha mathiri than. I just Entered into Solartis Company, I just Loved the  Infrasturcture, flooring, peoples etc. So Interview having set of 3 rounds, I just completed all the three rounds in nice manner. HR Sir Said we will update the Status in Monday.

On Monday Evening, I got  a Call from Solartis HR, ” Can I Speak to Mohammed Adam” like that, Ya Sir this is Mohammed Adam sir. “Congratulation Adam Your are being Selected as Operation Associates in Solartis”. Im verymuch excited and  happy with my Family. “You will join the Company on May11,2016.” I buyed sweets to my family. With lots of Tears and Happiness I said Bye pa na Jobku poituvaren pa, cu soon pa nu Chennaiku vanthien on may10 itself.

“Velanu Vanthuta Na VellaKaran Mathiri da”


On May11, 2016 , all students have some fear what can I do in company as a Fresher. becoz Collegelanthu ippo than Companyke vanthurukom, so Different Environment, Different peoples will Teaches something.

On that Time  Mr.KG(Krishna Ganesh)  Sir entered to our class where we (37) peoples are sitting and talking. KG sir is one of the Best Employee and Trainer of Solartis Company. Ellarume Students and Freshersa Irukaruthu nala first eduthone Work process thantha nalla than irukum but aarvakolarula corparte ethics or companyla, process, pathi fulla  theriyama Joba Start panna kudathu  athu nalla irukathu.

As a  Trainer KG Sir  teaches  about NEOS (New Employee Orientation School), its like training for the students or Freshers, It Covers some Activities, Learning, etc.

KG Sir Explains about Some Factors(Its like Short Sumup of the 3days traning session) which are Listed below :

On Learning 1) Dont Ask Y, 2) learn the Basics or get back to basics.

Objectives of Neos

-To Know about organization, Develop SkillSet, Recognition and Reward, Understand Process, Learn platform/Domain.

What do we Cover??

-About Solartis, Corporate Ethics and Behavioural Skills, People Skills and SoftSkills, HR and Admin process, Platform and Technical training.

About Solartis Company

Screenshot from 2016-05-16 13:25:08

-Founded in 2004, US Company with its Operation in Southern India, 500+Employees, Branches in Madurai and Chennai

Founders of Solartis

Screenshot from 2016-05-16 13:26:47

Nick Richardson – President and CEO

Siby  Nidhiry – Chief Technology Officer

Srinivasan Alagarsamy – Chief Operationg Officer.

Our Mission

To Help Organization and people achieve their Potential

KG Sir Covers Business models of the Company (Business Model -> Insurance). It will have Life, health, Property and Causality (P&C).

What to do we do ?

-Insure, Risk and policy Management , Policy  Administration like Renewals, Claims.

Underwriter -> Decides the clients to give Insure by ages.

Our Clients Refer Us Clients

Screenshot from 2016-05-16 13:25:29

KG Sir Explains Briefly about Organization Structure like it has Automation or Engineering and Operations or KPO(Knowledge Process Outsourcing). It will Covers General Managers, Senior Managers, TeamLead, ProcessLead, Associate, Junior Associate.  

Career Progression

In Solartis, They having a Exam Called IJP (Internal Job Posting), as a Operation Associates everyone can write the exam after 9months.  OpAssociates can be Promoted to Team Lead, Process Lead or Senior Process Lead and Quality Analyst.

Recognition and Rewards – Ops Business Unit

For Individual Category – Best Performer, Best Miler, Best Rookie, Best ProcessLead, Best Senior Lead.

For Team – Best Process Awards, Long Service Awards.

KG Sir teaches  a Concept called WELCOME to Corporate World, He tells about Why are you here, explains about choice vs Chance, Job vs career, Dream, Goal vs Desire and also about what motivates you in life according to Personal and Professional Life. 

He Introduces a Keyword called HIPEN 

HI- high Intensity, P-Passionate, E-Enthusiastic, N-Needy.

He Tells about first you guys DECIDE -> Plan -> Act in you job and also in you life.,

Smart Techniques

Decision or Goal of Every Students can be like SMART

S-Smart, M-Measurable, A-Achieveable, R-Realistic, T-Timely.


-Take Smaller Steps Everyday , Do not got disheartned if you distract, Regain focus, Visualize the positive customers, Get an Expert Opinion.

KG Sir Explained us about Key Drivers of Work

KASH – K- Knowledge, A- Attitude, S-Skill, H-Habit 

HR Process

In HR Process, Mr.Padmanathan (HR) of Solartis , Explained us about Technology used by the company like Java, Cloudbased Technology, Lines of Services, Software as Service etc.

Employee LifeCycle – Probation Period(6mnths), notice Period(1mnth/2mnth)

-It Covers Induction, Core Training, Process Training, On the Job Training, Assessment, Live.

Admin Process

In Admin Process, Mr. Captain Explained us about Administration strategy, firesafety management, Maintenance of Company, Access process etc.


Again KG Sir, Tookup the Charge to explained about how you can work with your fellow collegaes.

Like –Know Your Style (Do not Immediate Others) , Do your Job( Do not steal others Credit),Updated with Current Affairs, Improve Vocabulary, fitness is attitude, Hygiene attitude, be your own boss, Have Faith on yourself.

Six Powerful Techniques to be Confident 

  • Deep Breathe
  • Face your fear head-on
  • Act as if
  • Laugh at yourself
  • Challenge yourself Physically
  • stop thinking, about doing it, Just do it.


Some of the Tips given by KG Sir are:

-Think Postive, Seek and Build Resources, Dont be Overwhelmed, Look for available Options.

KGSir made as Laugh, made as Discover, made as to do some fun Activities,


The Above Group Photos are Taken while Doing Activites,  It will covers our Achievements, Strength, Character, Speciality of Individuals etc.

Atlast we had taken some Groupiess with KG Sir

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So We Are the Upcoming Stars of Solartis, ya its True, Im verymuch Thankful to Mr.KG Sir, who had taken many steps to Motivate us, Inspired us, Encourage us and Discover us. And Thanks to Mr. Padmanath sir, Thanks to Mr.Captain Sir, And also Im verymuch Thankful to the Solartis Company, who hired me as their Employee. 

I have Got More new Friends, like Suresh, Rajesh, Naveen, Muthukumar, Ashok and many more newbies.

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It just Starting Stage of MyLife,