MozDay at Maker Summit, Shaastra 2016 [IIT Madras]

As part of Shaastra 2016, we’re setting up a Mozilla Booth at IIT Madras. There will also be a talk as a part of their Maker Summit on the lines of: -Free and Open Source Software -Mozilla & various Contribution pathways -Talk on User Online privacy -Demo with Lightbeam addon on Firefox browser -FSA program -Mozilla Clubs -Web literacy and Webmaker App Other content yet to be decided upon!

Abhiram is a Presence Organizer for the Maker Summit in Shaastra-2016. But He is Unavaiable in India because he Gone to Singapore Leadership Summit-2016. so There is in Need of volunteers and Organizers.
So Vigneshwar(REP) and Karthic(RAL) Planned, and We also Discussed more. So I have taken the Banner and MozillaCloth with MyBrother Asar.  And We both Reach IITMADRAS at 10Am Sharply
Then I Reached the Shaastra-2016 Place inside IIT Madras, We I Meet Karthikeyan, Ravi, Dinesh from Trupathi, Vigneshwar from Bangalore.
MozStall from 9-2PM and wth lots and lots of visitors. We had school kids, college students, Working proffessionals, Homemakers who were eager to know more about us.
We also had a Closed Talk Session between 3-5PM with around 50 participants shared a lot about Mozilla’s, its mission, privacy,FOSS & webmaker,firefoxos.
Around 100 – 150 visits .. 7 volunteers .. 20+ fsa recuirted and community leads .. 25 + webmaker downloads .. Used the template of Brain in the mozilla wiki .
Atlast We taken an Awesome Selfies
Byee to IITMADRAS, Meetagain Another Day, Bye to my Dear Mozillians, Thanks Abhiram, Karthic and Vigneshwar for Inviting Me. Thanks.

Mozilla Localization Sprint at Dr.Pauls Engineering College,Pondy

On a Week of a Day, Khaleel(REP) bro called me, and said He gonna Make a Mozilla L10n(Localization) Sprint Workshop in pondy at “Dr.Pauls Engineering College”. And He Gave me an Opportunity to Talk about FOSS in that Workshop. So We Discussed lot and He Invited Abhiram(RAL) from Bangalore. He is One of the Most Awesome Contributor in India. So Im Verymuch Interested to See Abhiram. We are the Three Mozillians Organizing the Localization Sprint Workshop.

We 3 Mozillains Arrived in Dr.pauls Engineering College, Pondy City.


It was an Awesome College, Where all Sides are Natural and Greenish in Color, All kinds of tress are planted.

The efforts of the college’s dean & Khaleel bro needs a noteworthy mention, he was the sole reason we could organize an event there. 

I Just QuickStart with me  briefing the 40 odd participants with fundamentals of open source software and its philosophy.



The session was well received by all the Partcipants , putting up myslides for the event(

This followed by our presence organizer Khaleel giving a talk and demo on how to get started with Pootle. He first described the importance of localization in a very creative and catchy manner that I’m sure struck a cord with all the participants there with me included! I made my very own Pootle account too! The mentor thus became a participant himself. Khaleel then gave a demo of how to get started with translating the strings. He gave specific emphasis about what to do and what not to do!



This was followed by a delicious and homely lunch organized by the college at their premises. After lunch, Abhiram started an ice-breaker to help everyone know each other better.

This is what he Did-

  • Split everyone into 6 groups of 6-7 each
  • Introduce oneself to group members
  • Gave them a time slot of 5 minutes, within which they had to jot  all the new words they learnt from the morning’s session
  • Whichever group has the highest number of buzz words, wins!

This activity helped the participants bond well with each other and it helped them activate their grey cells after a heavy lunch!

These are the Team of Participants photos



We then moved on to the FSA slideshow, where I explained what one can do as a part of the program! This was followed by a open source overview and then a FSA recruitment activity where 40+ participants signed up as proud ambassadors of the open web!

Abhiram Explains about Opensource  (



Atlast we gave Mozillatee for an Activity Participant in the College, and Also distributed some swags for all 40Participants


We Taken a Awesome Groupiee Photos with Pauls College Students


The evening included a blissful hitch, discussion about life and philosophy with Khaleel and Abhiram – local FOSS enthusiasts. Beach was a welcome relief, after an intense discussion and a heavy heart, I bid goodbye to the lovely city of Pondy! Thanks to Khalel bro for giving me such an Opportunity and Thanks to Abhiram for Coming to pondy.



Install 2.5 Developer Preview (b2gDroid) on your Android Device

Firefox OS is one of Mozilla’s revolutionary project that still is on developing process. Many developers, QA Engineers are still working to bring more satisfactory features and facilities toward open-source lover. But unfortunately, MOST of the developers don’t have the Firefox OS device to participate on developing. So in order to do so, the community has figure out another way to make available to contribute on this open-source project.

“Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview” is an experimental app that lets you use Firefox OS on your android phone. Here, I’m going to share A-Z procedure of how to install Developer Preview on your Android phone.

Note: Since I’m using ‘Huawei y5c’ device, some steps may be vary on other Android Device. So, It would be best to figure out those steps by yourself. :)


First, download ‘Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview’ apk file.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.01.48


After downloading, take the apk file to phone. Go to ‘file manager’, click on downloaded apk file and then press ‘Install’. It’ll take time to install.



When the whole installation process is done, press ‘Done’ and exit from file manager.Screenshot_2015-12-21-18-31-41 (copy)


Now here comes the tricky one! How to activate fxOS dev Preview?

  1. Go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Then go to ‘Home Screen Style’.
  3. Select the other theme and press ‘Apply’.

Screenshot from 2015-12-21 11:37:49

You’ll face an option to select a home app. click ‘Firefox OS developer preview’ and press ‘Just Once’.

Screenshot_2015-12-20-23-12-05And then, your Firefox OS 2.5 environment is ready on your Android Device. No need to buy or collect Firefox OS mobile device.

Screenshot from 2015-12-21 11:31:24

How to switch back to your original home screen?
Now, when you’ll be on developer preview, just scroll down and go to ‘settings’. There’ll be two settings(one is Firefox OS’s and other is Android’s), click on Android’s settings.

Screenshot from 2015-12-21 11:26:12

Then again follow Step-4.

That’s it!! a very simple procedure about installing and preparing your Android Device into Firefox OS. With this, you can now explore, test some features, find bugs, file bugs on bugzilla and contribute with global community.

Happy Contributing.. :)

How to create new profile in firefox

Hello Everyone,

Today we are going to learn how to create a new profile in firefox.


At first download any firefox build, unzip it and open the folder. 


The folder looks like that. Now if you have selected any item please deselected it. After that press and hold Shift key and click Right button of your mouse on the white portion of your window.Untitled

Now click on Open command window here.


A command window will pop-up. Now type “firefox -p -no-remote” without quote. 


Now click on Create Profile…


A profile wizard will appear. Now click Next.


Now Enter new profile name and click finish.


Now select your newly created profile and Start your program.

(In this case Start Nightly)


Your browser should open with selected profile.

Happy Contributing:)

How to Download Firefox builds form Mozilla HTTP Server

Hello Everyone,

Today we are going to learn how to download firefox builds from Mozilla HTTP Server.

Those who are new to Mozilla QA(Quality Assurance) they have to know how to download the correct build. So lets started with a bug from Bugzilla.

That’s a bug report looks like. Now we are studying this case as a demo. Don’t worry about the meaning of some terms like whiteboard, Target Milestone, Blocks etc. Now have a look on Reported & Platform terms.

Capture4The platform section indicates the Operating System and its architectural bit. In this case the OS could be anything (windows, linux etc) and it’s system type 64/32 bit.

Capture3The Reported Section indicates the date and time when the bug has been submitted to bugzilla. In this case the date is 25th of March, 2015. So to examine the bug we have to download a 32/86 bit build of that date. Here we are downloading a Firefox Nightly Build because in general we are verifying bugs in nightly build.

Mozilla has 4 Firefox Builds for desktop.


This is Mozilla HTTP server link. Now go to this link.


Now go to the nightly folder. Then go to the folder named 2015.


Then go to the folder named 03. (Here number indicates the month).


Then find the exact date folder. In our case it will be 2015-03-25-mozilla-central. (Note: Central=Nightly & Aurora=Developer Edition).


Go to the folder and search for the OS which you are currently worked on. I have Windows based operating system, so for this particular case I choose



Extract the .zip file and you are ready to go.

Happy contributing :)

Got Recognition in Firefox Test Days conducted by Mozilla QA Team

1) First I Participated in Firefox 42.0 Beta 3 TestDay on October 5,2015

Screenshot from 2015-10-20 13:38:40 Screenshot from 2015-10-20 13:38:48

That is My First Testday, I learned So ManyThings in thatday. Here is a the Actual Blog of the Testday Results:


2) I Have Participated in Firefox 42.0 Beta 7 TestDay on October 19,2015

Screenshot from 2015-10-19 21:42:36

Here is the Actual Link for the Testday Results :

3) Firefox 43.0 Aurora Testday Results came.
Here is the Actual Blogpost link of Mozilla QA Page.…/firefox-43-0-aurora-testday-…/

Screenshot from 2015-11-02 21:50:58